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Keys to Conscious Eating

  I hope that you woke up this morning, with these thoughts on your heart… I am fearfully and wonderfully made! We can believe it! You know what? Here’s the thing…if our God is awesome (and I bet not a one of you reading this would say you don’t agree with that assertion), if he is so […]

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Free! Cordy Cambell’s Testimony

  by Cordy Cambell I have struggled with my weight and overeating all my life. I have been on just about every diet and lost and gained weight many times. A pastor gave me the book Thin Within and it changed my life. It taught me how to think and eat like a thin person. […]

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Allison Mitchell’s Testimony ~ God’s Way Works!

by Allison Mitchell I became acquainted with Thin Within in 2009. I had just stopped participating in the Weigh Down Workshop and had experienced weight loss. The Thin Within principles did not disappoint because I continued releasing weight once I began participating in the Workbook 1 study. As it turns out, I returned to college […]

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Testimony ~ Marilyn Osborn ~ Long Enough in the Wilderness

by Marilyn Osborn I have been struggling with weight issues and a focus on outside appearances for over thirty-five years.  Before Thin Within, I was involved with a weight-loss program that, similar to Thin Within, teaches “All foods are permissible. Eat only when hungry.” However, that other program includes a non-biblical approach of self-condemnation when members struggle […]

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Let’s be doers of the Word! Not merely hearers!

Get 2016 off to a great start! We are sure you want more out of yourself and out of life than empty New Year’s resolutions — which are often promises made because everyone at the office is making them or because all the family members are sharing theirs. Instead, let’s start off the first full week in January […]

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With This Body…

By Emilie Tobias Rejoice! Give thanks! Tell all about it! My body is a beautiful and unique masterpiece created and designed by God! With this body I can think, imagine, see, hear, taste, smell and touch. With my God-made mind, I can remember both the good and the bad in my life in divinely directed […]

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Focus will Bring the Victory

Focus… What has yours? This time of year it is easy to be wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, company parties, church dinners, gift and cookie exchanges. Although these may all be wonderful blessings, who has time to focus on 0 to 5 or be mindful about eating? (If we are honest, we […]

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Success – What Does it Look Like? Guest Post

Note: In keeping with yesterday’s webinar (audio available here) on “What is Thin Within About–REALLY?” I thought it would be fitting to rerun Becky Young’s great post. If you feel like you aren’t “successful,” is it possible that you are being impacted by the pattern of this world that we are told NOT to conform to […]

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