Helpful Coaching With Becky Young


Becky Young, M.A. Counseling

Thin Within has been a part of my life since 2003. I felt God pull me towards Thin Within as a means to help me release almost 50 pounds and as a way to draw me closer to Himself. And ever since then, Thin Within has been a huge part of my life! I wish I could say my journey has been without any bumps in the road, but I’ve learned that those bumps have allowed me to find a renewed passion and success with Thin Within.

I have a M.A. in Counseling and have also spent a considerable amount of time coaching with Heidi (my inspiration and model for how to coach!) which have given me the tools I need to help others dig their way out of bondage, despair and seemingly endless struggle with food, eating and weight. I feel a special call to help those who feel “stuck” or who have dealt with starting and stopping Thin Within without much luck at consistency. I also feel lead to help those dealing with spiritual warfare in their Thin Within journey.

I offer one level of coaching at this time for $125/month. It includes:

  • Free initial consultation to discuss your needs and how we can best work together
  • Weekly custom self-assessment that you fill out and we review together
  • One 60 minute phone or Skype session per week
  • Weekly Email accountability
  • Unlimited prayer 🙂

Becky is currently not taking new clients.

Thin Within

P.O. Box 18559

Louisville, KY 40261

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