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Objectionable Obligation or Inviting Opportunity?

[Inspired by Terri Graham] Am I the only one who finds it SOOOO hard to wait for a zero ~ “true hunger”? There are many things in my life that I do even though I don’t want to do them…  like doing the laundry…  dishes…  going places when I’d rather stay home…  I even shower, floss, wash my face, […]

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Is God Enough?

A few years ago God took me on an emotional healing journey, which lasted about 4 years.  It was a very hard time in my life, but such a blessing at the same time.  One of the areas the Lord addressed was my area of security, or rather, my lack of security in Him.  It […]

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The True Source of Healing

Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. – Jeremiah 17:14 In Mark chapter 5, Jesus is surrounded by a mob of people. In the midst of the crowd is a woman “who had been subject to bleeding for twelve […]

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(Week 10 Summer 2013 Renewing of the Mind Bible Study) Since January 11th, I have been going through a tough trial. It is taking me deeper and making me more desperate for God than ever. This has affected my eating. I feel like I am FIGHTING to do the right thing so often. And sometimes […]

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When Your Heart Cries for Food…

“Heart hunger is a compulsion to manage our feelings and emotional moods with food.” Healthy Eating & Abundant Living, p. 55 My husband and I have enjoyed one another’s company for most of our almost 30 years together. In fact, I can’t think of a time when we haven’t liked doing things together or even just […]

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WLBS Review: Holiday/Vacation Eating and Emotional Eating

I dunno, but this lady looks nutty like I feel today. I saw this picture and there was something about it that screamed “ME!” Can you relate? For me, it is because of…well…have a look at this video (if you dare). It is more of a rant than a teaching video. Truly…it is Heidi letting […]

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Renewing the Mind in Thin Within

Below is a video that I made to help people understand what it means to renew the mind…what it is, how to go about doing it and why! I hope it helps you. Thanks again to Barb Raveling for her help in understanding how to practically apply the wisdom of Romans 12:2! Summary: Renewing the […]

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Emotional Eating

I plan on returning to summaries of The Lord’s Table soon, but today, I could tell I needed to deal with some things. I turned to “Freedom from Emotional Eating,” by Barb Raveling, instead of working on The Lord’s Table.Yes…this is what I needed. What I need. Present tense.Yesterday, I struggled a lot with urges […]

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We May Fear Being Thin

WARNING: This post contains mature content. Please read this only if the Holy Spirit directs you to do so. Stop if you feel a check in your spirit along the way. Additionally, as you read, please know this…there is HOPE.========== Regarding the comment about being afraid to being thin…it touched off some thoughts… Many of […]

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