11/29/06 Day 7 Thoughts

Day Seven My Body, God’s Restoration Underway

As always, the timing of this day is perfect, reflecting God’s hand. Yesterday feels like the first day since I began my return to applying TW (about a month ago) that I chose a series of behaviors that weren’t in keeping with my goals. It was blatant and I confessed it as sin. I haven’t felt like I am going to beat myself up about it, but it is good to have this material as God’s gentle encouragement to me to be *sure* not to do so. I am observing and correcting and moving on now.

I want to share some things from the chapter that stood out to me.

From page 64 a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” The authors go on to say “No defeat need be final.” That is the difference for me before…I would lable myself and allow a defeat to be it…and throw in the towel. I feel no tendency to do that now and I am thankful. Again, it is evident that much healing has happened.

Another thought about this…how many of us, if we do something at 2pm that isn’t “on program” write off the entire day and start the *next* day with a fresh start? The quote from Fitzgerald above encourages me that I don’t need to let any defeat, even at 10am, be a final defeat for the day. I can have a fresh start at 10:01 if my defeat was at 10:00. So that is my plan as well.

At the bottom of page 64, this quote: “His or her life doesn’t reflect an ‘on again-off again’ experience, as the cross of Christ is a stabilizing force.” In this group, Kelly is a wonderful example of that for us all. I am so glad to get to know her. I hope that my life will be characterized by this same stability. This isn’t just for 30 days…it is for life! 🙂

Still on the topic of failure, at the top of page 65, “No ‘failure’ is beyond God’s ability to redeem or His desire to make good. This person isn’t perfect, by any means, but he or she moves forward trusting in God even after experiencing a setback.” See how great a quote that is for me today? LOL! Our yacking about “failure” and here was this chapter today waiting for me! God is good! He orchestrates all things well!

A quote of a TW participant says “Learning from my failures helps me live in the present time and enjoy each and every day.” Perfect encouragement to help us all move on…whatever came yesterday, an hour ago, a moment ago, is history. It isn’t PRESENT TIME! 🙂

I also love the imagery of “glorious ruins” on page 66. The point is made that “God longs to take your tribulation and redeem it for wondrous purposes.” I, frankly, like that idea! The quote from Emerson is one of my favorites (page 67): “Up and onward for evermore. We cannot stay amid the ruins.”
The insights I had from reading this chapter (over all) other than what I shared already is that God has sure accomplished a LOT in my life over the past 6 years since applying myself to these principles…the emotional eating isn’t the huge issue for me it once was, though I am asking God to reveal any way in which I am currently blind to it now.

The other thing I realized is that the ONLY place I want to eat is at a table set aside for that. At this stage of my journey, I need to definitely do this (though I know it may not always be the case). Yesterday in the car we went through a drive through. I got something and realized afterwards that it was the first time I had done that in a long while…not sat down at a table to eat. Well, I wasn’t paying attention to the food! I ate beyond 5…I could feel the difference and I didn’t get to *enjoy* the food I had chosen because I was driving while consuming it! It didn’t even occur to me at the time to go IN to eat it. Next time I will. Then I will be able to pay attention AND be near a trash can at the first sign I don’t need any more.

The computer is off limits for ANY food item whatsoever, too. In the emotional eating exercise, I noted that as a pattern…if/when there *is* an emotion that I have gone to food over, I seem to couple that with the computer…So, no more.

Ever onward!

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