12/01/06 Day 9 Thoughts

Day Nine Overcoming Obstacles to Restoration: Part 2

1. On page 87 we read, “Are we minimizing the pain and suffering of life itself? Not at all. We merely emphasize the fact that our current suffering isn’t the only truth upon which to focus. It isn’t even the primary truth. What our sovereign God has purposed in Heaven is more real than what we can see.” Respond to this. Do you agree? Disagree? Why or why not?

I highlighted this part of the book. Right now, the statement stands as profound and new, even though it certainly isn’t. My current suffering isn’t the only truth and isn’t even the *primary* truth. If I could just get a grip on this, I believe any rebellion that I tend towards or attitude or negativity…wow…it would dissipate.

Life is about so much more than what I can see or think or feel or do. God is at work in a BIG story. He invites me to participate, but I don’t have a clue what is really going on. Right now, I see as through a lens dimly….


2. At the bottom of page 87 we read “God uses each and every tear we have shed and every pain we have experienced to form and mold our character, to strengthen us, and to draw us closer to His heart. He wants us to experience His strength and sufficiency. He uses affliction to cause us to see our need for Him and our struggles with food, eating, and our bodies to send us to Him, to look for His solution. In our weakness, He is made strong. He uses even this personal battle you are experiencing and He will redeem it for His glory.” Respond to this. Do you agree? Disagree? Why or why not? How have you seen this played out in your life, assuming you have? How do you hope to see it in your life?

I still wait for the biggest trial in my life to truly be redeemed for God’s glory. I must believe in faith. I know I have seen it with other things…but I guess I am a skeptic. I don’t want to be. I pray that God will help me to have a tender heart…enough so that I wait on Him and His timing for what He has in store.


Through the night when I woke up and when I woke up this morning, the song “God is God” by Stephen Curtis Chapman kept going through my head. Simply, the line that says “God is God and I am not.” God occasionally gives me “gifts” of songs going through my head like this…typically it is His way of speaking clearly to me. Today, again, the timing was clearly from Him as I read on page 87 “We can’t begin to fathom the ways of God. His ways are not out ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. There is no way to prove that He is justified in what He does. The fact of the matter is God is God. He needs no justification.”

I guess He really wants me to get it. I am touched at the loving way He is communicating it to me.

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