A Way to Remember What I Too Easily Forget

On one of our small-group coaching calls we talked about how easily we forget the good things we know and hear about the Lord.

For example, we forget about the fact that God wants to:

  • fellowship with us…
  • relieve the weightiness on our hearts…
  • guide us when we are clueless as to what to do next…
  • and refresh us when we are weary.

This is really good stuff!!! If I could only remember all this as I’m dealing with heaviness in my heart, confusion or not knowing what to do next, or weariness!

I wanted ~ actually I needed ~ a way to remember what I too easily forget! And it has become another way to renew my mind, which we hear about so often in Thin Within as it is the core key to transformation!



So I thought it would be helpful to write messages to myself from Jesus. Not just “notes to self,” but notes from Him to remind me of the things He has said to me; things I want and need to remember. These would be things I could post in various spots around my home where I would see them. My hope is that they will sink in, that I will keep them in my heart and mind, and that my mind would be permanently transformed and renewed ~ one note at a time.

These are mini-letters from Jesus…  my Heavenly Father…  the Holy Spirit…  calling me to come away with Him. … to abide in him… to bring Him whatever is on my heart at that moment. Because I forget!

Here are some things that I know He would say as they are all scripturally sound. And all of these end with “Love, Jesus.”

🌺 Come away with Me.

🌺 I want to help you with that!

🌺 Nothing is too difficult for Me.

🌺 Come and talk with Me, oh my precious daughter.

🌺 Let me carry the weight of your load.

🌺 Come to Me, you who are weary and over-burdened, and I will give you rest.

🌺 Come, let us reason together.

🌺 Remember that I love you!

🌺 Please don’t avoid Me, bring anything to me that’s concerning you!

🌺 I never intended for you to carry that burden alone!

🌺 Cast all your cares on Me.

🌺 I want to fellowship with you.

🌺 I want to relieve the weightiness on your heart.

🌺 I want to guide you when you are clueless as to what to do next.

🌺 I want to refresh you when you are weary.



Emily, one of my dear friends who I originally met in a coaching group I was in, shared four more precious notes. I love these:

🌸 “I see you, my daughter.”

🌸“I am so pleased with your mustard-seed faith.”

🌸 “I have walked this road too.”

🌸 “Nothing can separate us.”


How to Turn Around ~ Personalize ~ Messages:

Here’s how you can turn around something you read that you want to remember and that you know the Lord would actually say to you because it’s based on Scripture and (therefore) on truth. I will show you how I did this with a prayer in Fresh Wind Fresh Desire:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Lord, I will make it through the day with my boundaries intact, even though I am going out to eat (or have a special event). I will be vigilant today. I will depend on the strength you have promised me for this day. Eating while I am not hungry will make me feel uncomfortable and guilty. I commit my eating and my body to you before I go out. Amen.”

Here’s the above turned around into Jesus talking to me:

🌸 My daughter, you can do all things through Me, who strengthens you!

🌸 I will empower you to make it through the day with your boundaries intact, even if you are going out to eat or have a special event.

🌸 You can be vigilant today, depending on the strength I have promised you for this day.

🌸 Keep in mind that eating when you are not hungry will make you feel uncomfortable and guilty; if you let Me, I will give you the strength to do this.

🌸 Commit your eating and your body to Me before you go out or find yourself in a temptation that you knew was coming.


Turning a Verse Into a Note from the Lord:

Again, we know the Lord would actually say things in His Word to us because it IS Scripture and (therefore) is truth. Here’s Psalms 36:7-9

“How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.”


And here’s the above verse broken down and turned into individual messages from Jesus ~ which we also call “personalizing Scripture”:

🌸 My unfailing love is priceless!

🌸 Come and take refuge in the shadow of My wings.

🌸 I invite you to feast on the abundance of My house.

🌸 I give you drink from My river of delights.

🌸 With Me is the fountain of life.

🌸 In My light you see light.


A Free Printable for you!

I have taken 24 of the messages here in this blog post and created a free printable for you! (Click on the titles to access the files.)

Notes From Jesus – PDF file

(stable but cannot be edited)

Notes from Jesus / Word file

(can be edited, but not as stable)


Here are the three pages (of the PDF file) printed out…


Slice each page up the middle (there’s a fine line, literally!), and then cut them apart between the signature (Love, Jesus) and the salutation (Dearest _______,) with scissors or a paper slicer. You will end up with 24 little notes, like these!


All of these will need to have a name written in on the line after “Dearest.” Here are a few options:

  • You can fill in your own name, or…
  • You can have your friends or kids fill it in.
  • You can open the Word file and replace all the blank lines with “one” or “child” or your own name. (You can’t do this on a PDF file.)

Lots ‘n’ lotsa options, eh?!?!


Where to Put These:

ALLLL over the place!  Tape to the inside of a kitchen cupboard…  in your underwear drawer…  in your coat closet…  next to your computer…  in your make-up drawer or bag…  under a lamp base with just the teensiest bit of it sticking out so that only you can see it…  on your hot cereal box…  next to your washer or dryer…  on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door…  in your nightstand where you can see it…  by your sewing machine…  on the side of the printer…  in a book as a bookmarker…  in your craft room…  in your wallet…  I think you’re getting the idea!

If you like to have things handy on your phone, put them in a “Note” entitled “Reminders or Love Notes from God.”

You can also make reminders of them so that they will pop up on my phone how ever often you program them to do so!

If your memory is as good as mine, you’ll forget where you put them and be surprised each time you come across one!


I hope you have fun with this!



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