Stop Digging!

Stop Digging!

Have you  ever heard the saying,  “If you find yourself in a hole……. Stop digging?”   I woke up with this saying in my mind early one morning.   I started to think,  How was I digging in regards to food?  I realized that I was sabotaging myself and digging a deeper hole to get out of.

God spoke to me and answered the question I asked:
  • When I don’t wait for 0 or empty I am digging.
  • When I bring food in the house that I know I cannot handle or my portion sizes are too big,  I am digging.
  • When I eat for emotional  reasons or binge eat I am digging.
  • When I don’t renew my mind enough so transformation can take place or I’m not willing to surrender my destructive will I am digging.
Learning how to untie those awful lies that I accepted, allowed, and believed has been a daunting task.   The Lord is using this overeating stronghold and my weakness–this entire season in my life, really–to bring me closer to him. For that I am eternally grateful!

Wanda Mullen Walker lives in Virginia Beach,  Va. She is a retired Orchestra Director living with her husband, Sam, of 30 years and their son.  She loves music and loves to read.  In this season of her life, Wanda is recovering from a devastating injury that caused her to lose her foot but in the midst of recovery she found the gift of writing.   God is using her to speak her experiences to others.   She has been involved with TW since December 2017.

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2 Responses to Stop Digging!

  1. Lianne Wright October 28, 2018 at 4:32 pm #

    Good reminder to stop digging. Thanks.

  2. Bee November 8, 2018 at 7:09 pm #

    When I let myself get too hungry or go without eating for long periods of time, I am digging.

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