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Free from Legalism ~ Amy Flink’s Testimony


Ever since I was 11 years old, my weight has been an issue. This 20+ year ordeal had been a nightmare of losing and regaining over and over again. At times I had given up hope of ever being thin, but praise God I have been given that hope, and my life back! Growing up, […]

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Dieting No More! ~ Karen Kincaid’s Testimony

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If . . . . . Then “If I can just get down to my goal weight. . .” “If I can just fit into a size ___ . . .” “If I can just look good in that bathing suit next summer. . .” “If I can just get back to what I weighed when I was in […]

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My Thin Within Story


Two years ago, a company mailed me a copy of “HEALED: HEALTHY EATING AND ABUNDANT LIVING” by accident. This is a teen study based on the Thin Within program. I don’t have a teenaged daughter. And I had never heard of Thin Within. But I loved the book, and wanted to find out more about […]

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Under His Desk ~ From Legalism to Love

torn veil

1glimpse verb \ˈglim(p)s\ : to look at or see (something or someone) for a very short time. Are you convinced of God’s affection toward you? If you are, consider yourself very blessed. This type of assurance has been starkly absent in my Christian life. My relationship with God has been made up of short glimpses, […]

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Time For Change – Bob Bylsma’s Thin Within Testimony

Bob Bylsma - After and Before

I first became self-conscious about my weight in elementary school, when my mother bought me “husky”-sized pants. In hindsight that was probably more a function of my short legs and long torso than my weight, but it made me feel fat.  After I got married in 1985, I began to notice that I had some “flab.” […]

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A Slow Learner ~ Heidi Bylsma’s Testimony

Before TW and Now

I was an obnoxious kid. I was also an abused kid. I was abused the most around food. My parents had their hands full with me. I was a lot of kid. And their life plans didn’t include me at that late season of life. Children were to be Seen and Not Heard, but boy…at meal time, it was […]

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Behind The Scenes – Cathy Maher’s Testimony

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  Not all that long ago described myself as being “borderline depressed.” I wasn’t down all the time, quite the contrary. I had joy, but it was always a little overcast. I wasn’t living in darkness, however I did have various areas that were gray and sad. I was running well, when I caught a […]

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Renewing the Mind to Break Free – Barb Raveling’s Testimony

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[Editor’s Note: Barb Raveling has taught me so much about how to renew my mind in accordance with Romans 12: 2 in a practical way. Although she is not—and never has been—a participant in Thin Within, her website is, nevertheless, a wonderful resource of practical strategies and bible studies that can help us  think differently—to […]

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Overcomer! Molly Wells’ Testimony


I was naturally thin until my mid 20’s when something happened and I gained 25 pounds in a year. That was the start of my on-again-off-again dieting. I gained more weight over the years, but lost all of it in the mid to late 90’s with a low fat diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, that diet […]

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