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Walk With Me Awhile Today


Growing up on the Jersey Shore, I have many fond memories being at the boardwalk and tiptoeing along the waters edge. I always felt small when her oceanic waves crashed in against the boards that held my tiny feet steadily above the water. They seemed to beat relentlessly as they took their toll, slowly wearing […]

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I Feel Hunger Within

I’ve been going through the weight loss bible study book, Hunger Within by the Hallidays, with a goal in mind to glean out all the really good points the book makes. Eventually it will help in developing a pilot program. In doing this, I have been able to identify more areas in my own life that […]

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Thin Within & Post-Pregnancy


  I am continuing my Thin Within journey post-pregnancy.  There’s been a little bumps along the way, but the Lord has been faithful to show me His truth as I continue to keep my eyes on Him and take the time to renew my mind.  Weight loss after having a baby is totally possible while […]

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Forget Not


This is an amazing journey living and, now eating, with God. I’ve been eating this way faithfully since early November 2013. I say faithfully because it’s been a complete walk of faith in God to uphold me, to forgive me and strengthen me when I falter and faith in the body God gave me, as […]

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My True Fill


Written by Danelle Kilpatric I wanted to lose weight! I had had enough! I was about 35 pounds heavier than I was at age 25 and pregnant with our first baby. I knew my knees and feet would feel better if I lost at least 25 of that 35 pound weight gain. I started a search […]

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Lord, Lord. Where Are You?

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The street was wet and full of broken, green leaves from the torrential rain and hail storm we had last night. The leaves felt like a soft carpet under my feet as I walked, barely noticeable. The air was cool and wet, with heavy dark clouds hovering over me. Faster, faster, faster I walked, my […]

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Taste for Truth: An Invitation


  A few weeks ago I completed a weight-loss Bible study called Taste For Truth by Barb Raveling.  A friend of mine and I went through the study together.  We would send an email to one another each day sharing some of our answers to the study questions and just discussing what we learned in the chapter that day.  I am a […]

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Out of the Basement


Written by Karli Coslow When I was growing up, I looked for any means of laughter and many times a movie (recorded off tv- back when content and language mattered) that was in our video library would do the trick. This time it was a movie from the ’80’s, starring Bette Midler  called “Ruthless People.” It’s about a woman […]

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It Was Him, Not The Food

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Written by Tammy Sanguinetti   I have had this war within myself, struggling with food, since I was a child. Food was my comfort, my friend, my companion in times of disappointment, boredom, and joy…it didn’t matter what the emotion was. Food was always the answer.   Before coming to the ThinWithin way of life, […]

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What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?


Testimony by Monica Ethridge I had a secret.  One that had been with me for as long as I can remember.  I always felt sad, scared, and ashamed of my secret.  I couldn’t tell anyone about my secret because I felt whatever positive emotion they felt towards me would vanish like the tub of Oreos […]

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