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When “Getting Healthy” Goes TOO Far ~ Red’s Testimony


Editor’s Note: The pictures above don’t tell Red’s entire story. In pursuit of being slender, Red went too far. She found herself in the clutches of an only recently recognized eating disorder. Thin Within was actually used to deliver Red from her eating disorder in a very real way. Read on for the unusual, but […]

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More than a Conqueror – Jo Ann Bankert’s Testimony

Jo Ann Bankert

Tears involuntarily trickled down my cheeks as my kindly oncologist stunned me by gently saying, “You may have three to six months to live if you don’t follow up your surgery with chemotherapy and radiation.” The regular mammogram in 2003 had been clear. I was shocked now, only a year later, to learn that the […]

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Starting Fresh – Morgan’s Thin Within Experience


My experience with Thin Within By Morgan Trotter I’ve struggled with weight issues most of my life.  When I was about 9 or 10 I began to put on extra pounds, and became overweight for my age and size. Eventually my pediatrician put me on a low calorie diet, which my mother helped me follow […]

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Thin Within Lessons Learned by a Man ~ Kevin’s Testimony


  As I look back on my journey, I distinctly remember when I first realized that I struggled with food and weight. I was standing in front of the mirror in my parent’s bedroom, staring intensely at my body’s reflection with displeasure and shame. I hated what I saw, and the condemning thoughts against my […]

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Unwrapping of Graveclothes — Marjie’s Testimony

Marjie Graveclothes

This weight loss journey has been a slow process mainly because the problem is between my two ears and not actually with poor eating habits. Once I resolved that this would take as long as it takes, the pressure was off and the process became much more interesting and even enjoyable! Let me tell you […]

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His Weigh ~ Linda’s Testimony

I was kidnapped at age seven. I had just been released from the ICU to a general ward in our local hospital after having a ruptured appendix. I asked the nurse for an orange. Her response was (a) this is a not a restaurant and (b) anyone as fat as you should be pushing away from […]

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Meet Jamie ~ Community Member Profile :-)

As you may have noticed, from time to time, we feature stories written by members of the blog community here. Some of these are testimonies of  transformation ignited and sustained by a faithful God. Sometimes, these are “lessons learned from the fox hole.” Still others might give you a personal glimpse into a member of […]

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God’s Love Breaks Through! – Guest Post

On October 28th,  “Loved By God” shared her testimony here at the blog. She has been chronicling the journey she began over 180 days ago. Today, she gives us a glimpse into a pivotal experience on “Day 40.” —– On the 40th day of my restoration, I read the chapter in the Thin Within book […]

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Wanted: Testimonials

Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. Psalm 66:16 Has God done a NEW THING in your life? Has he been teaching you something that He may want you to declare from the rooftops? 🙂 Would posting it to the blog be an acceptable […]

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The 40 Years of Wandering…Part 1

Some folks might look at the “before” and “after” pictures here at the blog and think it only took a year for God to work this change of releasing 100 pounds from my body. I wish that were the entire story. Technically…physically, that may be so…but this is a journey that began long long before […]

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