Many of us long for transformation, but the transformation that comes from changing external behaviors like how we eat or how often we exercise can be temporary if it’s not accompanied by a deeper change.

In Romans 12:2, God teaches us that the key to permanent, lastingtransformation is something internal:

renewing our minds.

But what does renewing our minds look like, and how do we do it? 

We understand mind renewal to be a matter of intentionally and prayerfully adjusting our patterns of thinking.

Our thinking drives our beliefs.

Our beliefs drive our actions.

As we renew our minds, we develop new thinking patterns grounded in truth that support sustained change and prevent us from reverting back to our old coping mechanisms.

This eight-week training will teach you more about what mind renewal is, why it is so powerful, and how to make it part of your life. Join us to be equipped to experience transformative change rooted in new desires.