The Body Revelation is a thirteen-week Christ-centered wellness program that teaches people to know how to partner with their bodies to maintain peace by staying connected to themselves and God. You will learn how to metabolize pain with movement and the gospel of Jesus Christ. All the principles in this book center around who God is and the Biblical practices that will help you encounter God with your physical body.

The Body Revelation is less about finding the right eating plan and doing the proper workouts and more about doing the patient and kind work of becoming aware of the pain that disrupts a healthy body-brain connection and keeps us cycling in an unhealthy pattern of obsessing or neglecting our bodies. By applying God’s Word to physical and spiritual practices, we renew our minds and learn to live fully connected to ourselves with the objective of moving toward the promise and purpose God has for us.

Each Tuesday starting June 20th, we will meet on Zoom at 5pm Pacific Time for about 90 minutes. During that time, we will do some experiential activities, including breath work (and breath praying), guided Christian meditations, bible study and discussion of the book chapters and pray together.