What is Spirit-Led Eating? How do you begin? What are some things to be aware of? What hurdles may come your way and how can you get past them?

Revelation Within has taken Thin Within’s 8 Keys to Conscious Eating and rewritten them into “5 Intentions for Spirit-Led Eating.”

  1. I will busy myself as the Spirit leads until I prayerfully sense a physical hunger signal.
  2. I will invite the Spirit of God into my meal with a heart of gratitude and praise.
  3. I will choose food in a just-right sized portion that delights my taste buds and causes my body to feel energized and strong.
  4. I will create a peaceful eating experience by being present with the food and reducing distractions.
  5. I will stop eating before my stomach is full at the peaceful place of just enough.

Join us as we explore this way of being at peace with food and eating!