Free! Cordy Cambell’s Testimony


Corey's After Picture

Cordy’s After Picture

by Cordy Cambell

I have struggled with my weight and overeating all my life. I have been on just about every diet and lost and gained weight many times. A pastor gave me the book Thin Within and it changed my life. It taught me how to think and eat like a thin person. It taught me about 0-5 eating.

Corey's Before Picture

Cordy’s Before Picture

I also found a great coach, Cathy Maher, through the Thin Within web site and she helped me to take advantage of all the great tools available through Thin Within. I have lost weight and I feel great. No more dieting and being obsessed with food. I am finally free and I’m so happy.

cordy profileCordy Campbell lives in Miami with his son and his cat. He is a retired air traffic controller and flight instructor and his hobbies include motorcycling, bicycling, sailing, snorkeling, and reading. He volunteers in recovery ministry.

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  1. Carisa Guerrera October 4, 2016 at 5:38 am #

    That’s so cool that the pastor gave you the TW book. If you can find victory, then I know I can too!

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