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Thin Within workshops were started in 1975 by Judy Wardell-Halliday and Joy Imboden Overstreet. They both shared past struggles with food and body image-related issues, and from these experiences and their research, they developed a revolutionary approach that has helped thousands with similar problems throughout the United States and Canada. In 1980, Joy left Thin Within to pursue her education in health and nutrition, while Judy continued to run the organization and teach seminars. Thin Within grew to include 10 offices in the western metropolitan areas of the United States.

A financial crisis hit in 1982, and it was during this very difficult time that Judy received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. In 1984, she wrote Thin Within: How to Eat and Live like a Thin Person (Crown Publishers), which was on the San Francisco best sellers list for 16 weeks. At this point, God intervened and Biblical concepts were incorporated into the basic Thin Within principles that Judy continued to teach. Judy and her husband, Arthur Halliday, MD, wrote Silent Hunger (Baker Revell) in 1994, which included the most essential element of God’s grace needed for a permanent solution to disordered eating. Silent Hunger (since republished as Thin Again and now, Hunger Within) emphasizes how the Holy Spirit empowers the individual with God’s transforming love and grace to live as a person at peace “with the skin you’re in.”

In March of 2001, W Publishers, formerly Word Publishing, agreed to reprint a new and revised version of Thin Within which was released in the Spring of 2002. In January 2002, Thin Within officially launched as a national non-diet, faith based health and wellness program complete with individual lesson materials and a national network of support groups. The core of the program resided in an online environment at

Today, our program, now known as Revelation Within, continues to grow and touch the lives of more and more people every day.

Come join us at our community for daily support and encouragement as you build your intimacy with God and experience HIS peace with food, eating and your body!