Getting Out of the Way

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[Guest Post by Debbie DeRossett]

I’ve never been a daredevil-type chick; I’ve moved and grooved through life carefully, hoping to avoid problems of any kind by being totally in control. For a majority of my life since childhood, I’ve tried to control every aspect of my world, but the one thing I could never seem to successfully control was my relationship with food and its impact on my weight.

From a young age, I battled fiercely with both, seesawing back and forth between passionately hating my larger body, but then inexplicably running to food with wild abandon even though it was the thing that caused me to gain weight and hate myself more.

I felt caught in a never ending loop, a nightmare “Groundhog Day” type scenario of dieting and bingeing and tears that I feared would never end. As the years flew by living this way, I decided when I turned fifty that the battle with my body and food was futile. Depression blanketed my life and my world.

But, at the same time, I had a Great Love in my life Who never stopped yearning for me to be free. Even through all the years of foolishly chasing thin and attempting in vain to take care of myself, Jesus had been a constant, albeit distant presence in my life. When I would get weary, I could hear Him in the background of my heart, gently encouraging me to trust Him with my body, my food and my life. So, I would attempt to trust Him for a few days . . . until the fear would creep back in, and I would go chasing off after thin once more, trying to fix myself. My “public” life was one of confidence in God, but my secret self that no one saw was in constant turmoil and conflict.

Then one day this sad overweight fifty year me who was SO weary of the struggle decided to cried out to Jesus one last time to deliver me and help me.

And a WHOA-AMAZING thing happened . . . He did!

NOW, I had tried every single diet, multiple times, over the forty-plus years of my fruitless dieting career, even programs like Thin Within that espoused Christian principles. They all ended up being futile because I was trying to do them in my own strength. God provided a solution, but it involved me getting out of the way. His answer to my dilemma was not a perfect food plan or a more effective exercise regime–it was exchanging my faulty thoughts and beliefs for His truth.

God led me to the wonderful work of Barb Raveling, and I began to Truth Journal with a vengeance. The pages and pages I furiously scribbled in my journal revealed intense feelings buried in the deep places of my heart. I didn’t even know these feelings were there since I had carefully covered them up with my mindless questing after thin. God showed me that my core problem was not food or fat, but that I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions in a healthy way and I didn’t have an accurate view of who I really was.

My life-long “sweet peaches” Christian Girl exterior masked an angry, selfish misguided little girl. God, in His loving and patient way, helped me to face this reality, and gave me the tools to uncover the lies, renounce my sin and renew my mind. He graciously led me out of my despair into the beautiful light of truth.

SO, there I was, all renewed in soooo many areas of my life . . . but my inconsistent relationship with food and my excess weight remained. I felt better about myself and I didn’t binge anymore, but I still felt like I had more to do. So, this past summer, God provided the wonderful opportunity and the courage for me to dive down deep and work through the last vestiges of those long years of food bondage.

I signed up to be part of a Thin Within Coaching group, and every week God revealed more and more of Himself to me. As I gave up my right to control to my life and my weight, God in turn gave me the amazing gift of further changing my mind and my thoughts.

As I completed lessons, participated in the group calls, watched videos and daily renewed my mind with my much-loved, dog-eared Truth Cards, God did the work of changing me that I had been longing for. At the end of our coaching session, I realized that I had effortlessly released over 15 pounds. But a bigger gift than the weight loss was that God changed my mind and heart about Him. I was able to leave behind my faulty view of God as an unfeeling Taskmaster to embrace the truth that He is my joyful Ally who loves me unconditionally and is always pulling for me to overcome.

I’m still that super careful chicken who does not take crazy chances—no motorcycles or zip lines for me anytime soon—but I’m not afraid of accepting myself the way I am, fearlessly choosing to believe every day what God says about me. I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves me fiercely regardless of my size or my failings—I don’t have to make myself acceptable because I already am!

I’m actively taking the hand of my Savior and walking out in faith to wherever He wants to go. He and I have people to love, stuff to do, and super-fun adventures to experience! I’m so thankful that I could GET OUT OF THE WAY to be enabled to go on this exciting journey with Him.

[[Do you want to consider being part of a Thin Within Coaching Group? If so, please prayerfully consider the information on this page. Act now, though, since the spaces *are* filling up!-Ed.]]


A true Daughter of Texas, Debbie’s heart and sensibilities lean more to the South, even though she’s been WAY UP NORTH in Missouri for the past 30-plus years. Born in 1965 with ALLL the other Debbies (WHAT were those Debbie moms thinkin???), Debbie fell in love with Jesus at the age of five, and He has been the CONSTANT in her life even when she was NOT. She currently lives in Ozark, Missouri, and has been happily married to the most wonderful and patient BOY in the entire universe, Brent (aka Mr. Bunny), for 29 eventful, fabulous years. She and her beloved Mr. Bunny have two amazing adult children, Garrett and Regan, and an equally amazing Daughter in LOVE, Hope.  Since “flunking” a brief foray into retirement after homeschooling her daughter, Debbie’s life is changing drastically this fall as she begins a new adventurous life chapter becoming a full time student pursuing a Masters in Clinical Counseling at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.

5 Responses to Getting Out of the Way

  1. Cherylynn August 21, 2017 at 6:05 pm #

    I am interested in an online support group. I cannot get the thinwithin app on my iPhone – I don’t know why. I am a former participant in Weigh Down where I feel bashed all the time.

    • Christina August 23, 2017 at 10:59 pm #

      Hi Cherlynn! Go to to find information on all of the Thin Within resources including the coaching groups. We are starting new groups in the middle of September. We would love to have you! 🌼🌻🍃

  2. Ola M. Moy October 17, 2017 at 11:46 am #

    Is this a Beth Moore type study that costs a lot of money and shows a video of a teacher while the class or group is spoon fed from one “expert”, and the rest of us just obediently follows the “leader”? I feel the true teacher is the Holy Spirit and no one else can teach like Him. I got into “Weigh Down Workshop” once and found it to be too controlling and I started question if it was Biblical. I am a student of the Bible, a senior citizen and would like to lose some weight for heath reasons, but I don’t want to do it like a robot. (I didn’t see the “I’m not a robot” beneath this before I wrote this). Please don’t send me messages on email every day.

    • Heidi Bylsma October 17, 2017 at 7:56 pm #

      Hi, Ola. I am not sure what messages you are getting each day. I am responding to your query at the Thin Within .org blog. Is this a Beth Moore type study? Well, if someone were to say it IS, I would take it as a compliment as she seems to be a very sound teacher! 🙂 The messages that come from us at Thin Within typically include an unsubscribe link (it is required), so you can click on that and unsubscribe from any mailings. This is usually in the footer of our emails.

      We agree that the Holy Spirit is a teacher, but he has appointed some to be teachers and given gifts for that. Not sure if you might consider any of our teachers gifted or not, but we think so! 🙂

      We, too, are students of the bible and encourage all people to be as well. What can we do to encourage you, Ola? Please feel free to let us know.

  3. Emily F. January 17, 2018 at 2:11 am #

    Thanks for sharing your story and your encouragement with us Debbie!

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