Gift of Christmas Hope

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” (John 11:25)

God’s gift to us is resurrection—restoration and recovery. Recovery from disordered eating is not only possible; it is what God intends. He brings death out of life, restores the broken, and recovers the lost. Our faith in God’s work frees us from the false belief that the only relief from disordered eating is lifelong deprivation, total abstinence, or adherence to fixed formulas that dictate what we can or cannot eat or how many calories we’re allowed.

The basic assumption of such approaches is that the problem is either due to a lack of willpower or that certain foods are the cause of disordered eating.

We create entanglements that enslave us even more when we try to manage our food these ways. Although we try to kill our hunger within and bury all our deep emotional issues with food, they are still alive and active inside. This keeps us focused on a formula for restraint rather than on the God who has promised to restore us and set us free.

Restoration requires a life of faith. We must believe that we can be healed and restored through God’s power and that we can be set free from our disordered eating. In order for this to happen we must risk stepping out of bondage to the past and allow those appointed by God to participate in our restoration process. When we allow the Spirit of God to work in us, speaking through our hunger within, we begin to hear and experience his promise of freedom.

The ministry of Thin Within and Hunger Within is not a diet or a weight-loss program. It is a way of life. Our focus is not on being thin but on being free. This freedom comes through prayerful application of biblical principles that are at the heart of this ministry. You can leave behind your former rules and restrictions and enter into a healing journey in which you will enjoy a deeper connection with God. As you draw close to him, you will begin to identify the roots of your hunger within, learn to recognize the bondage of old habits and behaviors, and open your eyes to the ways in which God’s indwelling power—through his Spirit—can help you break the shackles of disordered eating and live a brand new life of joy and freedom.

All the above is quoted directly from chapter two in the Halliday’s book, Hunger Within. new marble jarIt is the best gift of hope I have received, second only to the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ, the Lord. Just one short year ago, I had all but given up hope that this area of my life could be completely restored. Then I found the Thin Within Ministry and began a life-breathing journey down a brand new path. I was blessed with the gift of being able to release 60 pounds rather quickly.

Shortly after that, I received a free copy of the book Hunger Within by volunteering to help by reading the book and submitting my thoughts and questions. That gift deeply impacted my heart and mind, and led me deeper into my personal journey of healing. I am forever grateful for my autographed copy of Hunger Within. It’s not that I idolize Judy Halliday or their book, but I am keenly aware of the tools God himself placed in my hand through their work. Appreciation is a good quality that I am developing, as well thankfulness to all God’s many gifts in life.

I falsely believed, for more than fifty years, that being very overweight was my lot in life. I thought it was my cross to bear….it was to keep me humble. I have since learned that glorifying God with my body is my lot in life. It’s the reason He created me in the first place! And I have to say, it is a bigger challenge to remain humble following a big weight release than it ever was being a bigger size. Giving God all the credit and glory is a great joy to me, because I still know it was all Him. He led and I followed.

From time to time I still get distracated and end up eating mindlessly, the opposite of conscious eating. But it doesn’t last very long, and it’s easy to correct. It doesn’t take me days or weeks or months of distracted eating or weight gains to realize what went wrong. I practice observing and correcting daily, as needed. I say daily, because I have yet to eat perfectly for an entire day and evening. It’s hard to grasp sometimes, but not being perfect is a really good thing. Somedays I feel as if I am still at my heaviest weight…to be blunt, I feel like a fat failure again. Then He shows me the way to freedom, the truth that I am not perfect, but that I have the Way, the Truth and the Life living within me. The perfect One (God) residing within the imperfect one (me). That settles it for me. That’s how I want to live my life. It’s the best Christmas gift I could hope for.

So how about you? Where do you land on the scale from perfect to imperfect? Do you ever find yourself feeling like a failure and longing to be perfect? What do you hear Him saying to your heart this Christmas season of hope? How can you make sure your heart is open to truth?


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  1. Becky December 26, 2014 at 10:13 am #

    What a spot-on description of TW! It was wonderful how you shared the direct, daily, ongoing impact TW has had on your life. I would love to post this link on the new Study Group page. I think it could clear up confusion about how TW is different from other approaches and set the backdrop for “ground rules” we need to establish re: not posting or commenting with advice from diets and other rule-based approaches. Would you be ok with that?

    Love you and how you radiate the hope of Christ through your ministry!

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