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These are a few of the things that participants have shared in our Hunger Within Study Class. I only displayed their initials so that they can identify one another, but anyone outside the class is unable to. We had a very blessed time together and many of us will rejoin in the Fall to go through the book again. Why? Because that’s how good it is, and how life changing it is.

If you have been considering joining a Hunger Within class, please watch the Thin Within class lineup for this Fall and register to join us. You will be SO glad you did!



I listened to the recording of chapter 10 this morning, being I could not log on last night. It was very encouraging! Cathy, You have certainly been anointed of God to walk us through HW. Thank you for all you have done to draw us each closer to Christ and the understanding of our HW. Deanna B and Karen, you both too, brought glory to God as you shared what Jesus is doing in your hearts and lives through HW. I can relate to both of your story’s. I am not where I was before Jan 5th but I still need to unwrap more and more layers of these grave clothes! I truly look forward to the next study this Fall. Until then I plan to keep going forward with the knowledge I have and let it all become a practice in my daily life through HW material. I hope you same ladies plan to return this Fall. “Two are better than one…” by MS

It is hard to admit that running to food is a self-centered attempt for gratification. But in reality that is what addiction is. Seeking intimacy with God will heal the pain and fill the void as we move from self centered to God centered. Running to God when the emotions hit by sitting in silence waiting for His direction as well as using the tools he has given us to renew our minds (His Word, truth cards, prayer) all help to direct us to Him and away from food.
Yes, compulsive overeating is a temporary fix and only creates more pain and takes me out of God’s will into a sinful nature. Even though God is forgiving of my compulsive eating it is an exhausting and frustrating way to live. by LE

 I realized throughout the beginning of this HW class that I was not “poor in spirit”. It was a sad day when I looked at myself and realized that my body didn’t match up with what my mouth was saying. My body that wasn’t changing showed everyone and finally myself that I talked about surrendering to God my food, my body and my disordered eating, but in my heart, I was the same as I always was. I found a new approach to food when I was finally ready to let go of all the striving on my own. This was so big for me because I have always “taken care of business” myself. My anthem was, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” Oh, gals, my loving Abba Father finally opened my eyes to His way and I know now that I cannot ever go back to trying to control things, especially my food and eating, on my own!! He has totally blessed me with letting go of the running to food to fill each and every void I feel. He has blessed me with feeling crummy when I eat past 5 (which I still do from time to time). I see now that all of my years of food obsession was a block to true intimacy with God. It was a wall He had to tear down and now I can’t wait to see where He will lead me next!! Each day I love Him more and more, and His word more and more. Thank you all for walking with me and we have followed our loving LORD on this Hunger Within path!! by DB

I just wanted to share a revelation that God gave me yesterday. The thing with revelations is that it may be so obvious to someone else, but until the Holy Spirit reveals it to us we don’t always get it. I was spending time with the Lord and as I was reading through my truth cards God showed me that the Holy Spirit hungers for His word, and that’s what He eats to survive. If my Spirit is wanting His word and I run to “human food” to satisfy, it will NEVER work. He will never ever be satisfied with anything but God’s word. It reminded me of a truth card I wrote down from Heidi Bylsma that said: If your hungry but can’t think of what to eat you may be spiritually hungry and not physically hungry. I want to share one more thing as we get close to the end of this study. My physical body hasn’t changed as much as I’d like, but I my mindset has changed a lot. I feel that I literally have no temptation or desire to ever go on a diet or research a diet again. Even as I go through my struggles with not eating within my boundaries the way “I” want, I still know that I know this is the answer, because God is the answer to all of our needs. For me anyway the “diet” was THE answer. Now I keep putting my eyes back on Him for the answers. by JM

The main ingredient in holy action is heart emoticon LOVE heart emoticon “The perfect love of God acts within us and empowers our decision making.” We can also ask ourselves how fully each of our choices reflects love. The other ingredients are knowledge, discernment, responsibility, self-examination, prayer, surrender, and boundaries. My oldest daughter is getting married May 23rd, so I too have a busy couple weeks ahead. She is our first out of the nest. Thank you for starting this thread. We can all be praying for each other. I haven’t released a lot of physical pounds, but I can honestly say that what I have released AND gained has been so much better! I know God is at work in me and will complete it! I have hope and peace! by DK

First let me say I AM NOT TECH SAVY!!!!…Got home 30 minutes before webinar… So excited….only to find out that I had left something in town which is 40 minutes away!!!! I had eaten early lunch and played 21/2 hours of tennis and I was HUNGRY but I cut a PIECE of a cake more because I was FRUSTRATED….so I get back in my car to retrieve item left and decide to try to listen on phone …I get on .. Listen mode only. So I hear the first 25 or so minutes then I get a phone call I HAD to take … Think should I try to get back on?? I take the risk.. Only I wasn’t muted? Cathy took care of that…finished the hour strong! Took only a few bites of cake and was not interested in the rest of it….So many obstacles that I felt I should not listen but I kept being urged on!! to LISTEN and I received so much info and encouragement from Deanna and Cathy…so instead of a binge tonight (which is my usual handling of frustration) I am meditating on Psalm 62:5. Truth Card not pretty but Loving the truth…Praising the Father- Son- and – Holy Spirit !!! by PG

“Holy action is action set apart by God to develop and increase our capacity for the very intimacy for which our silent hunger longs.” p. 218, 219. I love that sentence! This is the goal of our walk with God. Our daily actions that will nurture and grow our relationship with Christ. The main ingredient is love. The other ingredients are knowledge, discernment, responsibility, self-examination, prayer, surrender, and boundaries. I feel like I struggle with all the aspects. Being that love is the main ingredient and the basis of our holy action, God’s love in me will empower me in the other aspects. I believe if I keep focusing on God and spending time in His presence through prayer, reading and meditating the word, and worship, God’s love will grow within me and overflow to others. As the chapter says, love and knowledge lead to discernment. Responsibility and righteous self-examination develop not self-condemnation. Our prayer life and communion with God grows. We can surrender more fully because it is God in us doing the work. We recognize it is not within our power, control, or “allusions of self-sufficiency.” We will be empowered by God to establish and follow healthy boundaries.Even though I still struggle in all the aspects of holy action, I have also seen great transformation especially in self-examination, prayer, surrender, and boundaries. Through Hunger Within, I had to really examine myself, and be open to what the Holy Spirit revealed. God helped me to surrender to Him – with eating boundaries, my marriage, my life! I have always struggled with trust and surrender. I have been a controlling person for majority of my life, so I really believe that this aspect has had the biggest transformation. The basis for my control was fear. I had fear about everything because I did not trust God. I did not understand His love. I am still on that journey to fully know and understand His love for me. As for as answered prayer, I have experienced a lot of “Slow” and “Grow!” However, God is answering my prayer for change within me. I believe this needs to come first. by KJ

Jumping into Thin Within, I had these grand visions and plans.  But God held me by the shoulders, looked into my eyes, and reminded me this was HIS plan.  Through Thin Within, I have come to realize that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, hinges on the condition of my heart and bathing in the Truth that sets us free.  The more I do this, the deeper in love with Jesus I fall.  I am grateful that He is in control of this journey and has made my heart change His priority.  The fellowship and support from others is immeasurable.  Thin Within will always be a part of my life…and there is JOY in the journey. by DF

Just wanted to say how much HW has meant to me. This has been one of the busiest seasons of my life and yet this time with the Lord has been one of the greatest! Knowing in Jan what I had going usually I would have said not now but I felt such urging from the Holy Spirit to join…And HE knew what was in store for each of us in this group. I’ve thought this week about all that I’ve learned and so many of the truths are now such a part of my walk with Christ. I love the freedom’s and release of grave clothes that have occurred. I love that the “diet”mentality is at rest… Finished! Love His Word coming to life through truth journalling and now know that renewing my mind is an absolute!! Sometimes the lie wants to say well you haven’t released all the weight BUT soooo encouraged to finish the journey. Can’t express my gratitude enough to Cathy for such devotion to this group and the shared wisdom you’ve gained in your walk with God that you graciously shared each day with us!! I will miss hearing that soft voice “well girls”….my heart is full of gratitude of how my life has been touched by praying for those I have never met personally but now feel as though I’ve known you for years! An eternal friendship! May each of us come to understand more each day HIS Love and the delight HE finds in each of us!!! by PG




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8 Responses to Gleaning From Hunger Within

  1. Patty Green June 10, 2015 at 2:32 pm #

    Very interested in taking your next Hunger Within class.

    Please add my name to your list.

    Thanking you in Advance,

    Patty Green
    34940 Michael Lane
    Yucaipa, Ca 92399

  2. Deanna L June 12, 2015 at 7:42 am #

    I am so blessed to have shared this journey with this Hunger Within study. It was a life changing experience for me! God opened my eyes to areas He needed to heal that I never even knew were there. Because of this work, I can finally see myself and others as truly loved by Him regardless of our size or shape. I can turn to Him instead of the food as He heals the deepest wounds.

    This was such a special group of ladies! The beauty of this study was how we shared not only the wonderful things God has done in our lives each chapter, but even the hard things and hurtful things. We found that many of us have similar stories and so we are not alone in this journey.

    I am so thankful for what God is doing through Thin Within and Hunger Within.

  3. Malena June 15, 2015 at 9:20 pm #

    I started a 12 week online, but did not finish. I have to try again. How do I register?

    • Cathy Maher June 17, 2015 at 5:58 am #

      Malena, You would need to watch for that class announcement at our web site. Jet will open up in September. That will tell you all the details of new classes offered and how to join. You can also sign up for the TW Newsletter and receive updates via email. Thanks for your interest. Cathy

  4. Janet Florine June 23, 2015 at 6:27 pm #

    Cathy, I want to take the Hunger Within Class also. I get TW emails now about blog posts and webinars, are those the same emails that will tell about the new class starting in September?

    • Cathy Maher June 23, 2015 at 8:12 pm #

      Sounds good, Janet. Yes, if you get TW emails, you should also get the ones about new classes. You can always friend me and I’ll keep you posted on my page. Cathy Maher TW HW.

      • Janet Florine June 23, 2015 at 8:54 pm #

        Thank you Cathy!! I sent you a friend request. 🙂

        • Cathy Maher June 26, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

          Got it, Janet. Glad we are now “friends. ” lol

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