I’m Just Food

Poem Written by Debbie Grulke, Hunger Within Participant

I’m Just Food

I’m just food, what do you want from me? I can never comfort or begin to set free.

I’m not you friend and I can’t be your lover; I can’t break your heart or help you recover.

I’m just food created to nourish, to make you strong and your body to flourish.

God made me good and tasty to eat, but you live like I’m the Ultimate treat.

The Seven Deadly Dins: GluttonyI’m just food, so leave me alone.  I live in the kitchen and not on a throne.

I’ll be here when you need a good meal, but just let me be until hunger is real.

God is the One that you heart belongs to, stop using this crutch and worshipping food.

Jesus will roll back the door made of stone and He will use others to unwrap the clothes.

Stop burying feelings that are still alive, this will never work; they’ll continue to thrive.

Bring all your cares to the foot of the cross, there I can heal you and regain ground lost.

I love you dear child, so leave food alone.  I am the only One that’s fit for this throne.

You can never let the All Knowing down, and one day you’ll wear the Overcomer’s crown!!!


Here is an Introductory Video to our Hunger Within Class. We follow the book Hunger Within by the Halliday’s.  If it speaks to your heart, I encourage you to read the book. You can find other  Hunger Within videos and sound clouds online too. Its a great tool to prepare your heart for a new life after weight release.

Intro Video Click Here

So how about you? Are you longing to go deeper with the Lord and be free from always running to food? Have you been feeling stuck lately? Perhaps you are ready to delve into Hunger Within. If you would like, you can email me at Cathy-Maher@comcast.net. I’d be glad to talk to you more . I also offer one on one helpful coaching through Thin Within Ministry.

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  1. Valerie Axelsen February 9, 2015 at 8:19 am #

    A wonderful poem! I am going to put it on the refrigerator as a reminder for those moments when I am about to eat when not hungry.

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