Morning Manna • Daily Bread

When I wake up in the morning, I am groggy and fuzzy-brained. As I’m aging (I’m 67), I’m getting achier and achier when I wake up in the morning, even after sleeping well.

In fact, often it’s especially after sleeping well because of having been in  one position for a long time.

It takes a few hours before I am thinking and functioning clearly.

But my unbridled appetite can do a lot of damage in that amount of time. I needed a way to get my mind renewed quickly, my heart connected to the Lord, beyond just “Lord, I love You and want to walk with You today” – which is good and fine, but would be like simply calling out “Woah, Nellie!” to an unbroken horse on a wild run, trampling everything in sight.

Which is exactly what my unbridled desire for food is like. Trampling my best intentions.


Not the best way to start my day. I needed something to help me be more intentional and focused…

So at a time when my thinking was clearer and my appetite tamer, I wrote a list of prayers and truths that I wanted my morning mind to latch onto, when I wasn’t mentally sharp enough to think them up. I call this “Morning Manna.”

These are truths that are nourishing to my soul any time of the day, so I also call them my “Daily Bread.” So if I wake up in a hurry, with demands that keep me from going through my Morning Manna, I still need to do this at my first opportunity – any time of the day, even if I haven’t done this up until mid-day, late afternoon, or even in the evening.

There’s a saying I love, and am sure you’ll recognize, even though I have slightly altered it:



Morning Manna • Daily Bread


🌷I can do ALL things through You, Christ Jesus who strengthens me, including eating between 0 and 5!

🌷By Your mighty power at work within me, Lord, I will be vigilant and focused today…

  • no matter how much I have going on today, or how many unexpected things pop up…
  • no matter how I feel physically, whether I am feeling good or bad; sick, offish, or energetic and well…
  • even if I’m feeling down or out-of-sorts emotionally…
  • even if I’m overwhelmed, anxious, hurt, disappointed, or indecisive – any of which I will take to and process with You, Lord, rather than pulling away from You, and then inevitably running to food.

🌷No matter what, Lord, I set my heart to depend on the power You generously give me to live this day as You would have me live it, walking in victory and joy in all areas rather than in defeat and discouragement.

🌷Lord, help me remember that eating when I’m not hungry will not bring me joy – it’s just a momentary and fleeting pleasure, and afterwards I will feel sad, defeated, and like a failure. And possibly stuffed and uncomfortable.

🌷Overeating will only drain me of energy, rob me of peace, strain my relationship with You, and weaken my connection to You. (I do realize it won’t make You love me any less, though.)

🌷Lord, you have given me everything I need for life and godliness, including the ability to refuse to give in to overeating when I am tempted. YOU are the Answer, the Way through, and the Solution to any frustration I face. You satisfy ALL my needs!

🌷Lord, when I am upset, I will “feel the feel(ing),” put my hand in Yours, snuggle up with You, choose to work through those emotions with You, letting You help me process them one at a time.

🌷Lord, I’m so tired of “giving up my birthright for a bowl of soup”…  or cereal, or ice cream, or sauce cake, or…  any food when I’m not hungry.

Please forgive me for doing so, and help me walk in my birthright, with Your power. Specifically, “by the mighty power of the Spirit of the Lord at work within me.”

🌷I know You want to help me do all this; You have not cut me loose to deal with life on my own!

🌷I want to glorify You in my eating and drinking, and also in the way I respond to irritations, interruptions, and hard situations, in how I relate to those I come across today, and in what I include in my day.

🌷Lord, remind me that “My food is to do the will of [You] who sent me and to accomplish [Your] work.” Physical food is secondary and will not satisfy me deep in my soul. Only YOU can and will!




Christina (Motley) and I are prayer/accountability partners, and this is something she shared with me that I felt was a perfect addition to this article. She called it “Truth for Today”; I call it “MORE manna and bread”! So now I am switching back-and-forth between hers and mine each day, making both fresher!

🌸 I want to live and breathe as a new creation in Christ rather than fall back on old habits and patterns.

🌸 When I eat, drink, rest and move within God’s beautiful and pleasant boundaries, I feel peace.

🌸 True freedom is being able to say no to myself, the world and the enemy, and yes to what my body needs when my body needs it as God leads.

🌸 When I eat within the boundaries of physical hunger and satisfaction I feel peace in my spirit.

🌸 When I eat within the boundaries of physical hunger and satisfaction I am able to separate my eating from my emotions and take my needs to Jesus.

🌸 When I eat within the boundaries of physical hunger and satisfaction I feel at peace physically. I accept myself in my own skin, my clothes fit more comfortably and my body feels strong, healthy and nourished.

🌸 I want to take my focus off of food and myself and my body and instead fix my eyes on Christ, loving Him first and then others around me.

🌸 When I eat within the boundaries of physical satisfaction and hunger and take my needs to Jesus I will release weight in a healthy and natural way.

🌸 When I feel inadequate or uncomfortable I can renew my mind with God’s truth about who I am and how God loves me.

🌸 Jesus is available to hear me and to provide for me at any given moment, day or night.

🌸 Food has no power to meet any of my situational or emotional needs. Food is a God given gift of fuel for the purpose of nourishing my body.

🌸 I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When I am insecure about the way I look I can renew my mind using God’s truth about perfection. He loves me and accepts me just as I am.

🌸 This day is not about me. God will use me to fulfill His perfect plans and purposes and He will be glorified!

Thank You, Lord, that YOU are all I need!

You alone can satisfy my soul!

My heart hunger is for YOU!





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