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Keys to Conscious Eating


    I hope that you woke up this morning with this thought on your heart…   I am fearfully and wonderfully made!   We can believe it! You know what? Here’s the thing… If our God is awesome (and I bet not one of you reading this would say you don’t agree with that), if […]

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A Lost Cigar Lighter and Finding 5

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In Thin Within we get to enjoy whatever food we want when we are hungry–“0.” We stop eating when we reach a “5”–when the body has had “just enough” food…it isn’t full, but is satisfied. Usually, it will take about the same volume of food as the size of a loosely held fist (depending on […]

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Surrender Your 5

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“Surrender your 5.” I heard it loud and clear one afternoon. I had just launched into an hour long temper tantrum as I wrestled with God over the fact that I had gained two pounds that week. I simply couldn’t believe it! So I stood my ground with Him, listing all the things I had […]

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Eating – Practical Application After “Will We Fight the Rescue?”

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I posted parts 1 and 2 of “Will We Fight the Rescue?” In Tuesday’s post we evaluated if we fight the Lord’s rescue. Yesterday, we plunged head-long into a bible study about it. Now, let’s get practical. For those of you who are Thin Within veterans, this will […]

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5 Reasons Eating 0 to 5 is WONDERFUL!

Today’s post is another snapshot from my truth card deck. Have you added to your truth cards just how great 0 to 5 eating is yet? What truths will you add to your truth cards today about the blessings in 0 to 5 eating? Take some time to review your truth cards today. Ask the […]

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How Much Food Do I Eat?

On the Thin Within forums, I have been asked some things about my eating. When I mentioned that I have refined and adjusted my hunger numbers over time, one member asked me if I was eating more like to what would be a “4” on the hunger scale.Here is my (edited) response to her question:Well, […]

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