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3 Strategies to Overcome Obstacles on Your Thin Within Journey

Difficulties and obstacles are part of the Thin Within journey. Let's be Overcomers.

Thin Within principles are simple: Eat when you are physically hungry Stop eating when you are physically satisfied Go to God for everything else that has lured you to eat for other reasons than to fuel your body. But as simple as this is, it isn’t easy. What is the road block? The core of […]

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The P.E.R.F.U.M.E. Zone

The PERFUME Zone title graphic2

In the wide world of losing weight, despite all the tricks, tips, programs and techniques, there is only one way for weight to actually be “lost” or “released.” Are you ready? Here it is…     To lose weight, the body must be allowed to utilize its own fat stores.  In other words, our previously-eaten fuel reserves ~ also […]

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Battle of the Binge


My recent loss with the Battle of the Binge—and the TW Lesson on Gideon—showed me three things when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  First, I had to admit that controlling my appetite is an ongoing battle. I’m not sprinting towards a blue ribbon at the end of a twelve-week course. Food surrounds me […]

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Battle Update

Screenshot of Notes on Phone

Last week I posted about the battle I was going through.  I wanted to give an update. As I said in the post, my battle plan was:  to be in the Word, to pray, to thank the Lord, to read my truth cards, to renew my mind, to keep pressing on! And that’s exactly what […]

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Doing Battle – Even a Veteran Has to!

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Christina posted yesterday about the spiritual warfare she is experiencing lately. I am in the trenches, too. Even though I may be a “veteran” and have been at this a loooooong time, I nevertheless go through seasons of difficulty. To be honest, this is the most challenging I have ever experienced. As a result, I […]

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Change Thinking for Holiday VICTORY!


Are you like many? Dreading the holiday season? Are you convinced that you will be taken out—knocked down for the count—all because turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie (etc.) have an amazing “left hook” and you feel like you just can’t resist heading straight for disaster in the presence of sweet potato pie? Are you persuaded that […]

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Get Rid of “The Little Foxes!”

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. Song of Solomon 2:15 …A taste of the spaghetti sauce while it is simmering…”SooOOOOooo good!,” …it requires another taste and just one more! …A french fry (or two…or six!) from a family member’s “Happy Meal”…”Ooh! I need […]

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When Food Torments You

NOTE: When I share a sound file like this, I feel a little weird. I know that my way of relating to God is probably different than most. I feel like I have let you into my secret prayer closet when I share files like this. I have prayed about sharing this and feel like […]

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10 Ways to Renew Your Mind and Why You Want To!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is— his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 We all have beliefs that subtly erode our values, boundaries, and godly goals. Sometimes these beliefs are about […]

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Three Things to Do When You Mess Up…

A day in the life… The day begins with hot tea and the warmth of a personal encounter with Jesus. Blessings and truth gush like a fountain off the pages of the Bible and saturate your heart as you are in awe of how intimate and personal His presence is to you. You have carved […]

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