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Battle of the Binge


My recent loss with the Battle of the Binge—and the TW Lesson on Gideon—showed me three things when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  First, I had to admit that controlling my appetite is an ongoing battle. I’m not sprinting towards a blue ribbon at the end of a twelve-week course. Food surrounds me […]

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Steering Without Starlight

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The ancient mariners used the stars as their guides. Alone on the dark sea, a bright star or blazing constellation told the sailors which way to steer. True North was never hard to find. And if they made a wrong turn, they knew it immediately based on the position of the stars and the boat. […]

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Thoughts from a Recovered Binge Eater – Guest Post

In Thin Within we refer to “phases”…it isn’t just a one-size-fits-all, do-this-and-presto! sort of experience.  The phases that are considered a part of Thin Within in the published material are 1.) The Freedom Phase 2.) The Discernment Phase 3.) The Mastery Phase. This may not paint the complete picture for all participants, however. Here is […]

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(Week 10 Summer 2013 Renewing of the Mind Bible Study) Since January 11th, I have been going through a tough trial. It is taking me deeper and making me more desperate for God than ever. This has affected my eating. I feel like I am FIGHTING to do the right thing so often. And sometimes […]

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What’s It Gonna Take? Ending Rebellion…

We can keep on looking for a magic bullet. We can keep reading the latest greatest “non-diet,” “intuitive eating” material on the web, but there comes a point in time when we have to live up to the light we have been given. Has that time come for you? I get emails from people all […]

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What was the Trigger? The Food? Or the Thought?

A frustrated dieter for years, you are finally taking the plunge! You have decided to give  Thin Within a try. You are aware that the “freedom phase” — the beginning stage of Thin Within where you are encouraged to set aside all  dieting laws and rules — is likely to be very challenging for you. […]

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More Answers to Thin Within Questions

Hi, everyone. I think I will get the hang of making shorter videos. I need to take one question per video, I think! Then, maybe I would get it down to 5 minutes! (Each!) These videos are parts 1 and 2 of questions that were posted by Angeli in an email to me. There is […]

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Wisdom from the Former Pillsbury Dough Boy

My husband has released 11 or 12 pounds. 😀 But more…he has sure gotten smart, too! LOL! He has encouraged me with things to share here in my blog…thus the photos, for instance, of the portions and other things, too. Today, I share some things that come straight from HIS brain and a bit from […]

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