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3 Strategies to Overcome Obstacles on Your Thin Within Journey

Difficulties and obstacles are part of the Thin Within journey. Let's be Overcomers.

Thin Within principles are simple: Eat when you are physically hungry Stop eating when you are physically satisfied Go to God for everything else that has lured you to eat for other reasons than to fuel your body. But as simple as this is, it isn’t easy. What is the road block? The core of […]

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It was a bit of a slow fade for me over the holidays. So, today, I am declaring war on apathy! Will you join me? Right now, there are no foods in the house that I am likely to give in to eating outside of 0 and 5. This is a temporary “THIS MEANS WAR” […]

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Getting Back on the Horse, Again–AGAIN! :)


I used to write about my challenges with my horse, Harley, on a Yahoo group I was a part of. Readers of the posts said they thought that he breathed fire based on my description of him. I had turned him into a 5-headed monster! The truth was, he was spunky and needed reassurance from his […]

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7 Phrases To Ditch For Victory!

“It’s just a little snack!” “I am going to eat healthy today!” “Oh…if I get the house clean, I will have a little treat.” “I am swearing off of all junk food.” Food phrases come in all shapes and sizes, but I have discovered that certain words and phrases can be “little foxes” spoiling the […]

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Guest Post: Another Night With Frogs…

“Yesterday is history”… “Put your best foot forward”… “Leave the past behind”… “Today is the day”… Well, tomorrow, that is… “I’ll start tomorrow…” How many times have we said this for different situations in our lives? It’s not necessarily intentional because, of course, we ALWAYS have the very best intentions, right? But intentions don’t change […]

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This Changes Everything!

There are times when I feel such frustration with myself—the struggle that Paul shares in Romans 7 about the very thing he doesn’t want to do is that which he keeps on doing and the good that he wants to do he doesn’t. There are times when I am frustrated by others or my circumstances. […]

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THIS IS TOO HARD (and Preventative Eating) Week 12

Have you been tempted to throw in the towel and just say FORGET IT to this entire boundaries/renewing the mind/losing weight/having a healthy relationship with food project? It is totally normal to feel that way. This is the 12th and final week of our Renewing the Mind Bible Study and the truth is…it IS hard […]

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What is Your Commitment Level?

When I was a young girl, if a boy had my heart, I would write his initials and mine inside a heart. Putting this declaration on the front of my school folder or book-cover (made with a brown paper grocery sack) seemed to somehow make my intentions more intense–more true–more powerful. I have never had […]

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