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Are you doubting?

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I believe that 0-5 works all the time, no matter what.  Like for instance, I know that eating 0-5 works during pregnancy, but I find myself doubting my ability to truly do that.  Why is that? Because it’s hard to SEE the evidence of it working, because well, one gains weight while pregnant.  It’s just […]

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The Fight of Faith — Lesson 7 TW Class 2014

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Sometimes, it becomes really really clear that this just won’t be easy. Simple, yes. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are not hungry. Go to God for all the other reasons that you may want to eat and let him walk with you through them. Simple. Yes. EASY? Most definitely not. What do […]

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Praying in Faith Part 2…

I was just thinking about what I posted earlier about my son while I was doing horse chores this evening. The Lord spoke to my heart about my final statements in the blog entry. That if I was going to pray that God would do a work in me, I should act like I believe […]

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Praying in Faith

My 15 year old son is on the autism spectrum. Having made a proclamation of faith in Christ at a very young age, his walk with God is nevertheless hard for me to figure out now. I can never tell if his praying is somehow related to his obsessive-compulsive tendencies or if there is truly […]

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Living With Wonder!

Dilemma: How can I follow my really loooong “40 years of Wandering” posts with anything other than short, light fluff? Food pictures :-), short quotes, upbeat devotional thoughts… At church yesterday, God gave me what I needed to inspire me to look with anticipation at what is yet ahead in 2008! I hope to share […]

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