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The P.E.R.F.U.M.E. Zone

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In the wide world of losing weight, despite all the tricks, tips, programs and techniques, there is only one way for weight to actually be “lost” or “released.” Are you ready? Here it is…     To lose weight, the body must be allowed to utilize its own fat stores.  In other words, our previously-eaten fuel reserves ~ also […]

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Eating – Practical Application After “Will We Fight the Rescue?”

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I posted parts 1 and 2 of “Will We Fight the Rescue?” In Tuesday’s post we evaluated if we fight the Lord’s rescue. Yesterday, we plunged head-long into a bible study about it. Now, let’s get practical. For those of you who are Thin Within veterans, this will […]

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How Much Food Do I Eat?

On the Thin Within forums, I have been asked some things about my eating. When I mentioned that I have refined and adjusted my hunger numbers over time, one member asked me if I was eating more like to what would be a “4” on the hunger scale.Here is my (edited) response to her question:Well, […]

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