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Is It Really Sin?

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Is overeating really sin?  Is that one extra bite rebellion against the Lord? I really struggled with those questions.  It was one of the things in the Thin Within material that I had a hard time grasping.  To be honest, over the years, when I would get to about Day 7 in the Thin Within […]

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Past Sexual Abuse is Often at the Root of Overeating

80% of the women who struggle with overeating and overweight have been molested or raped at some point in their life. That is my best guess. The reason I guess that the statistic is that high is because so very many of the women I have come to know over the past 13 years have […]

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Wow. God just keeps blowing me away. Grace in action. He is such a gracious, loving, merciful God.Weds. night, Julie F. and I began our new online support group at the Thin Within website. We had quite a group show up for our first chat! It was WONDERFUL!Yesterday morning, I knew I, too, needed to […]

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Lessons Learned From the Brambles

By 9:30 a.m., I had weed whacked the entire dog yard. My shoulders and back were stiffening up. The temperature had climbed into the 90s. The last thing I wanted to do was go back out into the heat mid-day and attack the blackberry bush(es). But what I wanted less was to go another day […]

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Mini-Bible Study: What’s REALLY Holding You Back?

This is the title of a book that really challenged me when I was stuck. The book was ok, but the TITLE of the book…the question…now that is what I really think the Lord used to UNSTICK me! So I ask you… “What’s REALLY holding you back?” How about if you right now, in this […]

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“Only Human?” That Ain’t No Way to LIVE!!

“I am only human.” This concept has been on my heart for a while. Basically, when I use the phrase “I am only human,” it is to *excuse* a behavior, attitude, or something I said. Sure, it is a fact about my existence…I mess up…But….I want to find a way NOT to *admit* that I […]

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