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Truth Cards 101

Truth Cards 101 featured image 2

One of the best tools for renewing our minds is Truth Cards! As you’ll see herein, there are many ways to do them, and no one right or best way! Thank you to all the ladies who allowed me to use their truth cards as samples to give you even more ideas than just mine!   I’m […]

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More than a Conqueror – Jo Ann Bankert’s Testimony

Jo Ann Bankert

Tears involuntarily trickled down my cheeks as my kindly oncologist stunned me by gently saying, “You may have three to six months to live if you don’t follow up your surgery with chemotherapy and radiation.” The regular mammogram in 2003 had been clear. I was shocked now, only a year later, to learn that the […]

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Two Radically Polar Opposite Approaches

Yesterday’s post shared that we often believe a lie…at the heart of our “failures” with eating between the parameters of physical hunger and physical satisfaction. I suggested actively replacing that lie with truth. This is the foundation for lasting change! If we daily take our thoughts captive and surrender them to the Lord, trading lies […]

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Opportunities for Thin Within Support

My commitment here at God is Doing a New Thing is to provide as many means of supporting you on your Thin Within journey as possible. Right now, here are some of the opportunities available to you: Daily blog posts. You can “Follow This Blog” and get a notification when new content has posted. Community […]

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For Men Only – From Bob

How should a guy respond when a special woman in his life wants to lose weight using the Thin Within or “intuitive eating” approach? What are the benefits of this approach? What should a guy do when his wife (or special woman) eats a food that is considered “unhealthy?” All of this is from a […]

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How To Travel and Stay Within Your Boundaries

Disneyland! Hubby and I LOVE Disneyland. Even though we live 400 miles away from Disneyland, we are annual pass holders and enjoy multiple visits to “The Happiest Place on Earth” each year. So, when Bob announced that he had to travel to Oxnard (not terribly far away from Anaheim, the home of Disneyland) for business, […]

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I Would Love to Support YOU

Yesterday, I announced that I can now offer coaching which you can read about in yesterday’s blog post or on the “Resources” page of this website. But I realize that many of us can’t afford an extra $100–no matter how much we may want the services or no matter how much we may feel like […]

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