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Coming to the End of Myself – Again

TW TITLE GRAPHIC - Coming to the End of Myself - Again

I had a very hard day. I was angry, and fearful, doubtful and disheartened because I’ve been working so hard for a breakthrough, and it doesn’t seem to be happening. I felt like I was in a pitch dark room… Where is the light switch?…  Which way do I go to turn the light on […]

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Pebble Marks on My Knees

Pikes Peak Image Source: Morgue File

Struggling, struggling, struggling.  Mad at myself again.  Feeling too full and very fat in my pajama pants . . . frustrated and hopeless – again.  Why is this so hard?  Last night, when all three kids (plus two more sleeping over on the livingroom rug) were in bed I found a corner by myself and […]

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B.I.T.E.S  Yesterday, I was using a set of Barb Raveling’s questions to truth journal. I have challenged myself to do this exercise at least once a day and each session has been insightful and rewarding. At the end of yesterday’s session, I wrote down the words BELIEVE, TRUST, INVITE, SURRENDER.  The Lord has been speaking […]

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Heal the Wound – Leave the Scar

I referred in yesterday’s post to some wounds from my past. Some scars. While I did so with a humorous bent (or that was my intention), the truth is…there is pain in this world. It is a Genesis 3 world. As long as we are in this world, we will experience suffering. It is one of […]

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Wow. God just keeps blowing me away. Grace in action. He is such a gracious, loving, merciful God.Weds. night, Julie F. and I began our new online support group at the Thin Within website. We had quite a group show up for our first chat! It was WONDERFUL!Yesterday morning, I knew I, too, needed to […]

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Day 5 – Morning Beginnings

I choose to begin this day with gratitude. I have posted at my Gratitudes Blog. I know for a fact that gratitude changes, transforms, flips things around. When I choose to praise, thank, worship the Lord no matter what happens, things change…*I* change. When I make fleshly, sinful, ungodly choices, it is really an expression […]

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My accountability partner challenged me when she saw some “small” compromises on my hunger graph last week…could I string together seven consecutive days of eating 0 to 5 or between true physiological hunger and satisfaction?She threw down the gauntlet. (I am pleased she did.)Today is day 4 of managing this challenge. PRAISE you, Lord!A few […]

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