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Taste for Truth: An Invitation


  A few weeks ago I completed a weight-loss Bible study called Taste For Truth by Barb Raveling.  A friend of mine and I went through the study together.  We would send an email to one another each day sharing some of our answers to the study questions and just discussing what we learned in the chapter that day.  I am a […]

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My Thin Within Story


Two years ago, a company mailed me a copy of “HEALED: HEALTHY EATING AND ABUNDANT LIVING” by accident. This is a teen study based on the Thin Within program. I don’t have a teenaged daughter. And I had never heard of Thin Within. But I loved the book, and wanted to find out more about […]

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Renewing the Mind to Break Free – Barb Raveling’s Testimony

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

[Editor’s Note: Barb Raveling has taught me so much about how to renew my mind in accordance with Romans 12: 2 in a practical way. Although she is not—and never has been—a participant in Thin Within, her website is, nevertheless, a wonderful resource of practical strategies and bible studies that can help us  think differently—to […]

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Overcomer! Molly Wells’ Testimony


I was naturally thin until my mid 20’s when something happened and I gained 25 pounds in a year. That was the start of my on-again-off-again dieting. I gained more weight over the years, but lost all of it in the mid to late 90’s with a low fat diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, that diet […]

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When “Getting Healthy” Goes TOO Far ~ Red’s Testimony


Editor’s Note: The pictures above don’t tell Red’s entire story. In pursuit of being slender, Red went too far. She found herself in the clutches of an only recently recognized eating disorder. Thin Within was actually used to deliver Red from her eating disorder in a very real way. Read on for the unusual, but […]

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More than a Conqueror – Jo Ann Bankert’s Testimony

Jo Ann Bankert

Tears involuntarily trickled down my cheeks as my kindly oncologist stunned me by gently saying, “You may have three to six months to live if you don’t follow up your surgery with chemotherapy and radiation.” The regular mammogram in 2003 had been clear. I was shocked now, only a year later, to learn that the […]

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Starting Fresh – Morgan’s Thin Within Experience


My experience with Thin Within By Morgan Trotter I’ve struggled with weight issues most of my life.  When I was about 9 or 10 I began to put on extra pounds, and became overweight for my age and size. Eventually my pediatrician put me on a low calorie diet, which my mother helped me follow […]

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Thin Within Lessons Learned by a Man ~ Kevin’s Testimony


  As I look back on my journey, I distinctly remember when I first realized that I struggled with food and weight. I was standing in front of the mirror in my parent’s bedroom, staring intensely at my body’s reflection with displeasure and shame. I hated what I saw, and the condemning thoughts against my […]

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