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Weight Loss Bible Study Week 6

I can hardly believe this is week 6 of Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study! It has been going by so fast. And it sure seems like a lot of you are experiencing some great breakthroughs. I have gotten to visit with some of you on the phone, in Skype, and in email and WOW! […]

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Two Boundary Considerations

Boundaries can be effective in protecting what is precious from outside negative influence. Boundaries can also be practical means by which we keep what is valuable within…from venturing into areas that are “unsafe” or unwise. Here are some important things to consider as we establish, struggle with, maintain our godly boundaries. Below is a 5 […]

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Weight Loss Bible Study Day 1

Today is the big day! 🙂 Here is a video (10 minutes) that highlights some of my thoughts as we launch into this “Weight Loss Bible Study.” Click here to go to day one of Barb Raveling’s bible study. You will want to have this page at Barb’s blog open. As indicated at Barb’s site […]

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One Day and Counting

Hi, everyone. I know many of you may have gotten the link for the study starting tomorrow from Barb Raveling’s blog. That said, I don’t want anyone to be surprised…I use a non-diet approach. Specifically, I use Thin Within. I was the collaborator with the Hallidays for the book and drafted the first edition of […]

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Renewing the Mind in Thin Within

Below is a video that I made to help people understand what it means to renew the mind…what it is, how to go about doing it and why! I hope it helps you. Thanks again to Barb Raveling for her help in understanding how to practically apply the wisdom of Romans 12:2! Summary: Renewing the […]

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Weight Loss Bible Study Preliminaries

Mark your calendars for Mondays, starting one week from today–March 4th–for our study of Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study. We will study putting a Thin Within Spin on the material. Before we begin, I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have at the outset. First, if you know me at all, you […]

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Weight Loss Bible Study and Free Books Drawing!

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test […]

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Walking Together – Coaching Option

I have received some inquiries lately asking if I am still offering coaching. Yes, most definitely. And still at the introductory price. The details are on this page. Sometimes, we have all the knowledge we need. I know a lot of you have read the Thin Within book, done all the workbooks, read Get Thin […]

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Would Coaching Help You Do This?

For years, I have been asked if I will “mentor” or coach others through the process of releasing weight. This is a journey we are on and sometimes it is helpful to walk with someone else who has been on the path before. Until August of 2012, my focus involved kids living at home and […]

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