Thin Within Devotional Writer’s Guidelines

 We are finally creating what you have been asking for–a 365-day Thin Within Devotional!


…we need YOU!

Are you a writer or potential writer? Has Thin Within ministered to you?

We are gearing up for an exciting January 2016!

One of the things we have up our Thin Within “sleeves” is the plan to publish and have available a 365-Day Thin Within Devotional. But we can’t create all that dynamic content on our own! We would love to hear from YOU!

In order to submit your piece to us, please:

  • Use Microsoft Word or Pages, double-spaced.
  • Please name the file you send us something with your name in it and include your email address and phone number on the first page of the file(s) you send in.
  • Submissions over 300 words in length will not be considered.
  • Each devotion must include a title and open with a Scripture verse, followed by the day’s thoughts or “meditation,” close with a short one-lined prayer, and a REFLECT statement, such as “God wants my heart more than he wants me to be thin.”
  • Include a 50 word or less bio about yourself as the author.
  • Send to with your piece as a Microsoft Word or Pages attachment.
  • Use “Devotional Submission” in the subject line.
  • All submissions must be received by August 31st. That’s right! We need 365 wonderful devotionals by the end of August!!!
  • Thoughts to consider: What have been the emotional and spiritual benefits of your journey? Don’t be afraid to mention how much weight you have lost, but connect it in some way to the changes that God is doing in your heart…themes like surrender, greed, idolatry, the tenderness of God, how you have drawn closer to Him. It is best to write in first person, as this is your unique perspective.
  • You are absolutely welcome to submit more than one piece. Please do!
  • For more input on how to write a great devotion for us, visit the writer’s guidelines for The Upper Room.
  • If you want to see a (non-Thin Within) book that models something of what we are after, check out Jan Johnson’s “Surrendering Hunger–365 Devotions for Wholeness.” We want to come up with a Thin Within version of something that is just as encouraging and healing–MORE so! No matter what your particular challenge has been, if you have struggled in some way with bringing eating, your body, obsessive exercise and dieting mentality, and food under the control of the Holy Spirit, prayerfully consider if God would have you offer a submission.
  • Material submitted, if published, becomes the property of Thin Within.
  • Please no previously published material or quotes from other books. If you want to quote from Thin Within material, only the Thin Within workbooks may be used.
  • There is no monetary compensation for using your piece, though we will try to offer you a chance to purchase the devotional at a discounted price (our cost to publish) if we publish one or more of your pieces!

We are eager to see what all you provide for us! Many of you have been on inspiring journeys and now you get a chance to share that inspiration with a broader audience than merely our Facebook groups or blog visitors! Thank you for journeying with us!

Heidi Bylsma, Judy Halliday, Joe and Pam Donaldson – The Thin Within Leadership Team

Email us! 🙂