Walking Out Our Freedom

I looked back at when I was having panic attacks and had a very candid talk with myself today about them. God told me to stop watching all those horrible murder shows on the ID channel that I was watching regularly. I didn’t see anything wrong with them, but it was harmful to my spirit.

The panic attacks slowed down almost immediately when I stopped feeding my spirit with negative energy by watching them. I’m walking out that freedom by not watching those shows. I have not even clicked on one episode of a murderous plot since He told me to stop watching them.

Well, God is trying to tell me something again. I’m technically free, God has proclaimed that I’m free because Jesus paid the price to make me free. But I am not acting like I am free. I am acting like I am a slave to my body and flesh. I am not walking in my freedom.

Just as God freed me from watching those shows, if I am truly free from overeating, then I have to walk it out in that same way by…

  • eating only when hungry,
  • saying no to my flesh when it is screaming for more food,
  • not eating those extra bites of even a healthy snack when I’m not hungry.

And I must be consistent about my decision.

I learned something about how making different decisions can change the outcome just this week…

 I was recently befriended ~ re-befriended, I should say ~ by an old college friend. The last time I actually saw her some years ago, she looked like death warmed over. She had moved to California and, it was clear from looking at her that she was living a very rough life and that she was doing drugs. She looked so bad, it made me gasp in shock.

But, from the looks of her pictures now, she looks like the same college friend back in the day. In fact she looks like she looked 40 years ago ~ like she hasn’t even aged! She looks perpetually young, just as Dick Clark looked the same for decades! Obviously she is not drugging anymore! She is walking in freedom from the drugs that were aging her and taking years off her life!

Well here is the moral of the story…  If I am to be free, then walking out my freedom is crucial. I have to put on the new. I must do new actions because I am the new person. The old has passed away. So why am I still doing the same actions as if I am in bondage? God says I am free so shouldn’t I act like I am free?

Uh, YES! Old things have passed away the new has come. I am walking in my newness of life! A new person with new actions determines a new outcome!

As I continue to walk in my freedom, I become more free. My actions determine that I am that new person, and it feels good to walk in that freedom.

Yes, I’m the same person with many of the same old thoughts, because in many ways I do think like the same person,  but I am working on changing and transforming my old thinking that was destructive to new thinking.

Because I am transformed by the new thoughts, I don’t have to obey the desires of my old person or my follow my old destructive thoughts anymore! I have everything I need for life and godliness, and my actions will follow. That is the key!


Wanda Walker

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