Well, duh! I just sent a note to the list saying I wasn’t ready for this lesson and went to the book and realized I *am*! YAY!

I have to tell you ladies that while I have read the book many many times and even studied it with others before, I never had a heart that I could offer to God in surrender while doing it. This read feels fresh and new. I tell ya, that Day 5 was a breakthrough for me! The other times I had marked in the book or filled in the charts, it seems to have come to a screeching halt at Day 6…and why? Because I know I hadn’t really been able to cope with Day 5! LOL! Praising God yet again!

I am floored at what a difference a change in heart has made for me as I read this stuff. 🙂 It makes it SO MUCH BETTER! LOL!

I guess it is because before, I didn’t really *want* “anyone” messing with my food…after all, it was about the only vice I had left. I justified that it was MINE. Since God had disappointed ME, I would withold that from HIM. Whew! I am so glad that I have granted him access to this now. It makes it a MUCH different path than the one previously. Boy…

I see now, too, that I have some difficult choices to begin to make. I have been in kindergarten with this stuff…and now, well, God is calling me to REALLY evaluate prayerfully if what I am choosing to eat, while *permissible*…is it *beneficial?* I know the answer. It is time for me to press on and graduate out of kindergarten. I want something more than I want my peppermint ice cream. I want NOT to be mastered by anything but the Lord! CAN I say no to the things I have long loved? It is time for me to evaluate this honestly.

I hope to turn a corner here in my journey today…a corner where I make the difficult choices. I am free to eat what I want, yes, but I am also free to say NO to anything as well. I want to exercise my freedom FROM sweets and other foods I tend to want to “save room for” today…I want to be willing to deny my tastebuds what they crave and feed my body what it needs to work efficiently.

No, I won’t return to legalism, but grace is grace so that I won’t be in bondage to ANYthing.