I just read a scripture that hit me right between the eyes: Proverbs 22:3:

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes on blindly and suffers the consequence.”

I’m sad to say I was the simpleton. I really didn’t care before; I lived too long with reckless abandon. I lost my foot living that way. It cost me too much.

And I am still paying the price of that decision. It is too high a price for most people to pay. And it’s taking too long for me to pay that price. I will have that battle scar for the rest of my natural life because of those decisions I made.

I cannot and will not continue on that path or live that way any longer.

Now I am listening to God and making adjustments with my eating.

For example, I hated water! Diet soda was all I used to drink. But today was the first day I’ve had a diet soda. My first diet soda for the year. I’ve been drinking flavored seltzer water and absolutely love it!

I also like being able to turn food down now because I am valuing my body which is God’s temple. I refuse to live the simpleton lifestyle any longer.

I cannot believe that I am becoming a prudent person who is more cautious about what I am eating. My desires are changing, and that’s OK with me!



Wanda Walker

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