I don’t know if this blog gets any visits, but I know this…a picture speaks volumes. So I will spare typing up volumes today and just share photos. The photo below was taken last summer before I was willing to offer my eating to the Lord. I obviously, am the one on the left. Tried to hide behind a horse, but it didn’t work.


The photo below was taken by hubby this morning. The scale this morning indicated that I may have released 44 pounds since November. That would be wonderful, but I know these things vascillate a lot. I just know that God is doing an amazing work. It truly is a new thing.

DURING – In Progress
I found these shorts some time ago when I was cleaning out my closet. I figured I would keep them to remind me of where pride and arrogance can take me. I was busting out of these shorts literally (I used duct tape to hold them together!!!), before God got a hold of my heart. I was worried about dying of a heart attack. I work hard here to take care of horses and kids…my life doesn’t allow for being sedentary. Problem was, my body wasn’t able to healthfully support the lifestyle.

I had even stopped riding my horses because I was concerned about their comfort.

Add to that the huge barrier I had in my life between the Lord and me…there was little peace and little joy.

Well, I said I wouldn’t write copious quantities of verbage today…so I will shut up now.

I am so humbled at what God is doing.

Thank you, Lord.