Image Courtesy: ME - It's my daughter and her friend!

Image Courtesy: ME – It’s my daughter and her friend!

I chose this image to open today’s post because it sounds like such a great illustration of freedom to me.

Today, I am blowing the dust off the archives. ๐Ÿ™‚ This video is from 2002. (Subscribers, please visit the website to see it.)

Here I share how I went from fat gram counting and exercise obsession to freedomย  as I began to trust my hunger and satisfied signals–even through a period of bed rest! ย I also talked about the hunger graph, one of the Thin Within tools available for you to try!

If you are interested in trying the hunger graph for additional accountability, you can download a copy from the Thin Within website here. When our Thin Within/God is Doing a New Thing app comes out (we are getting to the last stages of development) it will include, among other things, a hunger graph tool! I am excited about that!

How About You?

Do you struggle with fear any time you don’t get the activity that you are accustomed to getting? Are youย free?ย Are you able to trust your body’s hunger/satisfied signals? Where are you in this journey? If you are just starting out, please share with us in the comments. I know there are many veterans here who would like to support you!