I needed this chapter this morning. I have reverted back to the mentality that I can do what I want. While I haven’t been living with total abandon to SELF and my fleshly lusts and desires, I have definitely shifted…oh-so-subtly…away from this sense that my body is NOT my own! My body belongs to the Lord God. He has purchased it. He has claimed me for his use and his purposes.

How then am I to live?

I want to offer him the most healthy “residence” possible. That means no dependencies on caffeine or other things that I don’t need medically. It means being aware of what I put in my body as affecting how I feel and how I operate as a result. For me, I also know that I want to quit fussing about it and start doing it…something to get and keep my body physically fit. I don’t want to return to obsessions of my past, but this aversion I have to a routine form of activity is every bit out of God’s will as my former obsession. I am fearful that I will be obsessive. God doesn’t want me to live in fear. His perfect love casts out fear.

So, for me…for the remainder of this journey, I want to become more aware of this FACT that I have strayed from…that my body is not my own. It belongs to God.

Below is a video clip of a friend of mine sharing her thoughts on this. It is part of the Thin Within video series and I have permission to share it. This clip is just over 2 minutes long and I think her thoughts can shed some light on a new perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

Please continue to keep your list of God’s attributes and how he responds to you, His child. Take time daily to praise him for his character! I know that if I would be more diligent about this myself, there would be joy and my own “wants” would fade in significance. I need to walk my talk!