Hi, everyone!

Do you wonder how you can navigate the principles of Thin Within, draw closer to the Lord, and finally release the weight? It is wonderful to build our intimacy with the Lord and that may be, in fact, why many of us are led by God Himself, to Thin Within (and we thought it was about our weight!).

Well, because of my experience imperfectly applying the Thin Within principles, sustaining victory for the better part of of 7 years and now finding myself having been bucked off the horse and wallowing in the dirt, all while claiming to still be doing “just fine,” I am eager to share with you all what caused my personal “undoing” and how to avoid it yourself! (My updated testimony is found on this page.) When life throws you trials and curveballs how can we not revert back to old thinking and eating behaviors? What can we do to proactively work to prevent a slide spiritually, emotionally, *and* physically?

Starting on Monday, July 25th, I will be leading a Thin Within workbook study class on Facebook. We will get a running start on the holiday season, concluding this class in the last part of October. The details about how to join in can be found on this page.

Here, I share a bit about what’s to come!

Find me on Facebook. Request to be my friend and send me a private message asking me to add you to the Combo class.

You can do this.