This has been an interesting week. God has such a sense of humor!

I was floating along preparing my talk for the women’s retreat this weekend. Sunday night, I was going through my notes…I was ahead of schedule! I was sooooo excited about the message I was going to present. I mean, I had a complete multi-media, integrated, multi-learning modality presentation ready and I was ahead of schedule! Wouldn’t the women be SO impressed! And SO blessed!!!! I mean, even BETH MOORE would be envious of the talk I had planned. 🙂

(You can probably see this coming…I know you can!!!)

Sunday night before I even got through my second dry run–this time practicing using the over-head transparency of the bang-up, awesome visual I had put together on gratitude–I was stopped DEAD in my tracks by the Holy Spirit.

“You are out of my will if you share that message with the women, Child.”

“No way, Lord…you have GOT to be kidding! But this one…THIS one…it’s GOOD!”

He didn’t let it rest. So, guess what…God has had a busy week writing a talk from scratch 🙂 …trying to get me willing to share STUFF that I prefer NOT to share with the women for Saturday morning (the 20th–if you would pray for me, I would SO appreciate it! HA!).

God knocked me off my high horse you might say.

Simply, he said “Child, I am not forming Beth Moore in you…I am forming CHRIST in you…and THAT is what we will be sharing…” Shucks…I mean, I even had a Disney song to share as part of my message…one that illustrated one of my points…Sigh…no Disney song for this talk…I prefer song and dance to vulnerability and confession. :-/

The message is on gratitude and I have had a really hard time experiencing GRATITUDE for this derailing of MY plans!

Somehow, I think if I had ears to hear it, I might hear holy belly laughter echoing in the heavenlies.

God has something in store this weekend. I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation!

Can you identify with any of this? 🙂