The text for today’s lesson is Psalm 107:10-16. I suggest prayerfully studying this passage. The study basically had me doing the following (this isn’t quite how he did it…I am modifying it…I suggest getting the workbook to really experience the depth of this study!):

1. What is the condition of the people in this passage?

2. Can you identify with any of this description, relative to your own battle with overeating/gluttony and your heart’s attachment to food? How so?

3. WHY were these people in this condition? (see vs. 11)

4. What happened to them before they cried out to God for help? (see vs. 12)

5. Has your over-eating caused you to experienced “bitter labor?” How so? Have you stumbled? In what way? Have you come to a point of realizing (accepting) that no human or human-devised program can help?

6. What did the people in this passage do? (vs. 13a)

7. List all the things that God did for them in response to their cry.

These people had rebelled against the LORD. Can you identify with this? I know I sure can! For years, I knew God’s answer to my problem, my sin. In fact, I had written about it when I collaborated with the Hallidays on the Thin Within book! I took half-hearted stabs at living the way I knew I should, but it was more mechanics…I refused to surrender my heart. I continued in darkness. I rebelled against God and spurned His counsel. He allowed me to experience my slavery…”bitter labor.” He humbled me and I knew no one could help me except the Lord. I literally came to the end of myslef, fearing that I would wake up dead.

I see now that there has to be a humbling, a breaking, a total submissive turning. God works this in us. When I called out to him for help but continued in my rebellion, He didn’t free me. I still clung to my idol. I couldn’t grasp the life rope when I held tightly, in pride, to food–to having what I want when I want it.

When I stopped clinging to food and to having MY way and called to Him, His salvation came. My hands and heart were free to grab a hold of His offer for deliverance. It was a process, but this was the beginning of the process. He has done so much for me and he continues to as well.

These verses tell us that when God saves someone He destroys the work of the devil in their lives. He frees from the grip of the devil, removes oppression (though not temptation), rescues from slavery to sin and sets us free. We must ever pray for ongoing help and be on guard against backsliding, but the work of salvation is thorough and ongoing deliverance from sin. (TLT, p. 62)

Hallelujah! What a great Savior!