If there were a way to summarize the most vital truth that I have seen in The Lord’s Table and all that I have learned on this rather long, cumbersome (at times) journey I have been on through Thin Within, Thin Again (now known as Get Thin Stay Thin) and the rest…for the past 10 years or so…I would say it was definitely in today’s TLT workbook lesson.

The key…again and again…I have found true in my life…from one weary wanderer to another…it is Worship.

What do you sigh for? What do you long for? What do you focus on? What do *I* sigh for, long for, focus on?

Is it “0?” “I can’t wait to be hungry so I can have _____. Oh when will I be hungry???”
Reminds me of Psalm 63: 1 which reads:

O God, you are my God,
earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you,
my body longs for you,
in a dry and weary land
where there is no water.

I think many times, I have the heart that this depicts for worship, but it is directed not at the Lord, but at “godly” hunger…NOT. Look at what I mean:

O hunger, you are my god…
earnestly I seek you.
I can’t wait to find you.
To BE hungry so I can EAT!
My soul thirsts for you…
my taste buds long to be hungry…
just so I can eat what I want…
and call it “godliness.”

God forgive me for this. The godly boundaries of eating between hunger and satisfaction were never designed to be worshiped to that I could lust for that instead of the Lord! If you are like me and can relate to my warped psalm, let us all repent! He alone will satisfy us!

So, what AM I focusing my attention on? Am I focusing on being “ripped off?” All I am giving up? My misery? How I can’t have my way? How I am “suffering for the Lord?”

All of this is a misaligned focus. It just is a ruse of the enemy to get me to focus on ME, MY way, MY will…and as long as I give in to this…it is so self-indulgent, really…I will always feel like this journey isn’t going anywhere, but is like a perpetual treadmill out in the desert of life.

The key to moving forward in life, to growing in the Lord, to a vibrant, “successful,” victorious experience of the ABUNDANT life…to finding your freedom inside and out…to landing at and staying at and being at peace at our “natural God-given size,” is…WORSHIP THE LORD GOD!

This is true. Honest. 🙂 I know it to the depths of my heart.

Mike Cleveland summarizes it beautifully in this lesson:

True worship is made up of at least four different elements:
FOCUS – True worship requires that we focus on the object of our worship.
BOW – This is a position of respect and humility.
OFFER – God desires that we offer ourselves in worship
ENJOY – Our supreme delight should be in the enjoyment of God
(TLT, p. 181)

We worship whatever it is that has our focus, our hearts, our submission…that which we enjoy.

Food has had this place in my life for far too long! So now (again? still?) I earnestly pursue a love relationship with the Lord for all I am worth as I want food or hunger to no longer have my focus, my adoration, my offering, my enjoyment. Yes, I can enjoy food…but as a gift from the Lord of the Universe! Life isn’t about food! It is about righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14 about verse 17 I think it is. LOL!).

Though we will never hear this from the world, becoming free from overeating is a matter of learning how to enjoy the Lord. Freedom comes from learning how to drink Him in, how to quench our thirst in Him, how to feast our souls on Him. It is impossible to enjoy sin and enjoy the Lord at the same time, and those who are learning to nourish their souls and quench their thirst in Jesus are done with overeating. (TLT, p. 182)

I press on now. I see more than ever…worship is the “magic bullet” that will cure our overeating and overweight. Worship of the One True Lord and King. He is most worthy.

If the next time I am putting a fork (or fist) to my mouth with food ready to go in I would stop and prayerfully ask first:

  1. Does the Lord have my focus in this moment? Or does this food?
  2. In this moment, before whom/what am I bowing? Is it the cheese enchilada? Or is it the Lord Almighty?
  3. Does taking this bite reflect a life that is offered to the Lord in humble sacrifice? Am I eating to be nourished? Or is there another factor at work motivating me? How can I, in this moment be a living sacrifice, offering the parts of my body to God as instruments of righteousness?
  4. Does taking this bite reflect one who enjoys GOD as the supreme delight in life?

I can’t help but think that these questions, honestly answered will revolutionize my life even further.

God wants my worship. He has given me so many gifts and I so often make them the focus of my life. So often I BOW before his gifts, giving them say over my life. I offer myself to the gifts the Lord has given to me. I enjoy the gifts, failing to praise the Giver of every GOOD and perfect gift.

Lord, in this day, I seek to worship ONLY you. Make it so, dear Lord.