Let’s kick some serious Satan bottom….WHO IS WITH ME!

I am sick and tired of giving ground to the enemy and why? All because I like the COOKIES more than GOD???? Hello? Does anyone think this is as stupid and ludicrous as I think it is? What is going on with me when I act like that?

It blows me away the birthright I give up for “stew”….good grief. Someone else has been there and done that and has the race t-shirt to remember it by and I think he wishes he did it differently. I think his name was Esau…..

I do NOT want to run a race like Esau….

“Oops…wait. I know you have a victor’s crown in store for me. I know I am more than a conqueror in Christ. I know that you died to pay the price to set me free, Lord. Your blood was spilled out to pay for my pardon. But….GOOD GRIEF…there are freshly baked brownies over there! You won’t mind while I take off on this rabbit trail for a day or two and enjoy eating them until I am sick or they are gone (whichever comes second), will you????? And that pizza…yes, I know I can have it in moderation as I am free in Christ, but one piece isn’t nearly as tasty as 5 pieces!!!!!! (A lie that I seem to enjoy believing.) So the finish line with the victor’s crown, the victorious Christian walk, the living in freedom, the walking free of shackles…all that will just have to wait while I stuff my mouth with more cheese enchiladas!!!! No offense, Lord, ok?”

This is sick…God forgive me.

Erm….I need to go to bed.!