Today’s blog entry is a bit different. It is an assignment–with a prize drawing scheduled for Sunday at noon. To be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is do the assignment here and then post here about it. 🙂 The drawing is for the Thin Within Rebuilding the Temple Workbook Kit #1. To learn about that prize, you can visit this link or this video link.

The assignment is to sit down with your journal, pen, and your bible, and to prayerfully feast on Psalm 145. As you do, generate a list of “What God is Like” just from this psalm alone.

To be included in the drawing Sunday at noon (Pacific Time), post here at least one of the characteristics of God that you list and briefly tell what it means to you.

For extra credit :-), after you have generated your personal list of “What God is like” from Psalm 145, journal the following:

  1. Do I believe–really believe–that this (attribute) is true?
  2. How might believing this is true affect my journey toward becoming more Christlike–especially in the area of food, eating, and body issues? You can do this for each of the attributes you have listed for a HUGE feast lasting a couple of days (or more!).
  3. Take some time in prayer and praise, lifting God up for the things on your list. Tell us here how this experience affected you.