The photo here is me with my two kids. Daniel is 14 and Michaela is 12. I mention them further down in this blog, but I haven’t figured out how to get the photos where I want them, yet. So that is why it is up here! LOL!

One of the goals that I stated in my blog from January 1st was:

Additionally, I would like to reach my God-given size by May. This is a HUGE God-sized goal. I would like to release another 30 or so pounds…if God says more is needed or less is fine, then I am ok with that.

At the time I wrote that, I had released about 20 pounds…maybe a bit more…like 25 I think. And wanted to get to a total of 50 gone by May. During January, I released 10 more. Making the total released 35.

God has definitely been working ahead of schedule and as of this morning:

45 pounds have been released!!!

I feel now like we (God and I) may release more than my initial “God-sized” goal!

God is stunning me with the weight stuff. It really surprises me. I assume that it will really slow down a lot as we get closer to the size He intends for me. I will know it when we land there. I know He will make sure I don’t miss it.

As I enter March, I do so 10 pounds lighter than I entered Februrary. The ponies will be pleased! LOL! (Ok, maybe not, but I like thinking that they will!)

It amazes me that God removed 10 pounds this past month, as I had some real hurdles that I struggled with this month. God has been so close to me. His presence has just (literally) floored me. I mean that. Boy…

Above releasing 45 pounds so far, the thing that I am most thankful for is the way He has tendered my heart to Him. I hear songs on the radio and my heart is gripped with conviction. I use my Dance Praise and I simply can’t get through “How Great is Our God” without dancing with my hands raised in the air. You would have to know me to know that this is NOT me. In fact, none of that is me any more. He is shaping and forming my heart even more than my outer body.

Believe me when I say…this has little to do with me. It is Him. The other night, I felt like I had to go literally to my knees to worship Him. I felt like I was in the presence of Almighty God and He said, “I will not share my glory with another. I WILL BE EXALTED.” All I could do was weep and confess “Yes, Lord, you are KING! Forgive my pride…yet again….BE EXALTED!” He wasn’t stern, He wasn’t mean. he was just…well…GOD! He was love and kindness and patience, grace, and mercy…but He was GOD!

The writing with Judy again has been wonderful. Sure, it isn’t ALL fun! LOL! Hard to believe that the deadline for her book with the pediatrician who is doing most of the writing is April 1!!!! LOL! It just wouldn’t be writing with Judy if it weren’t for an unbelievable deadline! LOL! It all gives us more chance to see God at work.

The fun thing is, as I am actually doing Thin Within with my kids, we are writing about doing Thin Within with kids. Once, again, God is surrounding me with more support than I could shake a stick at! The picture up above shows my kids. They are actually naturally thin, but they aren’t fit. We are doing some changes in our lives…Truthfully, we have a drivethrough life…we hit fast food a lot, it seems. I am releasing weight anyhow and they are thin anyhow. I think Dad is the one who suffers the most as he eats whatever we don’t!!! But in time.

Anyhow, while life is crazy and hectic with trying to write and edit and help with this new manuscript, it is also fun to see God fleshing out the truths we are writing about in the lives of my family members (including me).

I am so thankful….so so thankful. I can’t even believe His timing for all of this. He got a hold of my heart in November through a horse lady (so funny how he did that). I began to see changes in my heart…called Judy to tell her about it and my excitement….and she was glad to hear it…we never knew that God would bring all this together in part so we could be on a writing team together again. LOL! God has such a sense of humor!

Thank you, Lord, for your patience with me, your never-ending love, your grace, your mercy. Thank you that you are at work in me now, even when/if I don’t have eyes to perceive it.