How you folks doing with Halloween Candy? We didn’t buy any this year, but if we had, I would have inhaled it all last night, I think.

Throw it in the trash!

Or, if you are like me, throw it in the toilet and HURRY!!! FLUSH!!!!! Then just don’t answer the door when the Trick Or Treaters come! (Aren’t I just awful?)

True confession…if I were to throw something in the trash that I knew was causing me to struggle…and then change my mind later about “wanting it anyhow”…I would actually FISH IT OUT OF THE TRASH can!!!! Ok…that is extreme sickness…that is why I said above…maybe don’t just put it in the trash, but put it in the toilet and flush!

Is no one else like me?

If we had had candy here in the house last night I think I would have eaten it….just because “dangit!”

The question someone posted at the TW forums is a good one.. “Lord, what am I feeling right now that I want to feed with food?”

I have been praying and been in the Word this morning. I do have a lot of emotions I am feeling.

One of my horses, Doc……I am just heart broken. Winters are so hard for him. He is only 9 and he has been like this the entire time I have had him (just before he turned 5), but some times things are worse than others…we live in a mild climate…but he is in such pain even with our 40 degree nights. I wonder when is it selfish to keep him alive and when is it selfish to put him down?

And my son has really been establishing himself as a major liar…he is 15 and he is just too old to be a liar…and to blow it off. It is breaking my heart….I fear for his future. An Aspergers man has a tough row to hoe as it is, without intentionally being a liar…how is it that someone who categorizes things into two groups: “all or nothing” “good or bad” “evil and good” can choose YUCK so much??????? (Unless someone ELSE is speaking, then by golly, you better not come near to doing something he interprets as a lie!!!!)

There are so many other things…and I realize…these are all the churning feelings that I have that I would be tempted to stuff with food. How on *earth* will stuffing them with food help??? It won’t!!!

The enemy loves it when I believe that lie.

I learned something about my Heavenly Father today…He is busy working…He does things…and one of them is seen in this verse:

2 Corinthians 1: 3-4a: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles…

How can my Heavenly Father comfort me, if I am so busy stuffing my face? Or running from Him? Or busying myself with some distraction intended to numb? (Like computer junk…)

Hoping all of us feed the toilet some candy (or whatever) today and invite God the Father to comfort us in what is *truly* ailing our hearts.