This morning, “Shepherd” and “Provider” are the attributes to which God has drawn my heart and mind through Ethel Herr’s book, Lord Show Me Your Glory.
How do these attributes of God relate to my Thin Within journey? I am so glad you asked! 🙂 As I get to know the Lord as my Shepherd, I see that he is with me through the challenges I face. He is the one I follow. As my Shepherd, he will lead me to food when I need it–when I am physically hungry. Likewise, whey my soul and spirit and heart are hungry, he will lead me to provision for those needs as well, making sure I get what is necessary, what is truly satisfying instead of a counterfeit.
God is showing me that as I know and believe him to be Shepherd and Provider, I begin to trust him more and more. If he leads me to experience something that is uncomfortable or downright challenging for me, I can know that he will see me through it. I don’t have to turn to the false comforts that I have used for so much of my life.
I learned to turn to these things when, as a child, I was wounded, hurt, or, even, abused. I continued into adulthood without ever questioning these practices. They seemed to work and I took them for granted. I didn’t realize they short-circuited what God intended to teach me. Instead of healing they only numbed me, in essence postponing the inevitable–the need to be cleansed, to bring the wound into the light to be nursed. 
Now, God wants me to experience the true healing he has in mind, the true antidote to the fear, the insecurity, the confusion, and the pain. It is HIM.
Ethel’s book is helping me to respond more and more to God as he is, instead of as the god (little “g”) that I have made him to be for much of my life. He IS more than sufficient. He IS my supply. All of Him is more than enough.
Shepherd me, Father, over all the rough and perplexing ways of life.  It is my nature to wander, to stumble, to lie on my back and flail in the air until, exhausted, thirsty and malnourished, I die.  How desperately I need your shepherding.

Cuddle me when I tremble.
Guide me when I cannot find the way.
Chasten me with your Rod when I disobey.
Prod and correct all my erroneous wanderings.
Ever and always, gently lead me home.
The above quote is from Ethel Herr’s Lord, Show Me Your Glory, page 267. If you want one of the three copies I am giving away (with Ethel’s autograph), just use the “comment” link to respond to one of the posts here through May 10th. You may enter more than once.
Lord, today may I know you as Shepherd and Provider in a fresh way. Lead me to the places you ordain, Father. Direct me in the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. Teach me to respond to what you bring by looking to you instead of to the things (like food) to which I have looked over many years of my life. Teach me to stay close to your side. Thank you for being a good, loving, strong shepherd to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.