I have an accountability partner who is amazing. God is so gracious in giving her to me. I don’t know if she would want to be mentioned by name, so I won’t just yet. But I hope to introduce you to her one day.

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 Under her guidance and discipleship, really, I am learning to speak short (well, relatively! LOL!), direct statements, declaring TRUTH about my eating and living.

Today, I had an “eating occasion” that had nothing to do with 0 to 5 eating (eating between the parameters of physical hunger and satisfaction). I decided to renew my mind (in the way my partner recommends) this afternoon and these truths are the ones I want to wrap my mind around. Can you identify with any of them following an “eating occasion” that you regret?

TRUTH: This way of behaving is NOT in line with godly goals of being Christlike.

TRUTH: Eating what I want when I want doesn’t get me what I really want—which is to be more like Jesus!

TRUTH: I am CALLED to make sacrifices in love for the Lord, but also for the people to whom He has called me to minister.

TRUTH: Obeying the Lord actually delights my heart. The “deprivation” I feel at the moment is followed by a bunch of moments of a full heart, rejoicing that I gave that tempting moment to Christ.

TRUTH: I am forgiven in Christ.

TRUTH: I am a new creature in Christ.

TRUTH: I DO care.

TRUTH: I don’t have a right to this body of mine at all…it belongs to Christ. He purchased it…with his blood.

TRUTH: I need to practice what I preach.

TRUTH: There is NO condemnation toward me.

TRUTH: I must be gentle with myself remembering babysteps get me there.

TRUTH: I don’t like how I feel when I overeat and the long-term ramifications are a bummer, too.

TRUTH: Jesus is after my heart.

TRUTH: He is using my struggle with food to make me utterly dependent on Him.

TRUTH: I want to cooperate with His plan for my life.

TRUTH: I want to be faithful.

TRUTH: Waiting until I am hungry to eat is a GODLY BOUNDARY that I value.

TRUTH: Eating in a calm environment, reducing distractions—internally and externally—before I allow a bite to pass my lips and as I eat—will help me. It is a boundary worth keeping.

TRUTH: Praising God before I eat actually fills my soul and defeats “desire eating” (outside of hunger).

TRUTH: Eating while sitting helps me be more peaceful. It is a boundary I value. I believe God wants me to keep this boundary, too.

TRUTH: I am not “overspiritualizing” this since I know that 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that whether I eat or drink I can do it ALL to the glory of God. (Implying that I can also eat or drink in a way that doesn’t glorify him!)

TRUTH: I want to eat only once my mind and body are relaxed, even if it means being hungry a bit longer…to be sure I am aware and calmly enjoying my food.

TRUTH: I will eat and drink things I enjoy…(that isn’t really a problem for me). I want to learn to weigh carefully what I choose and be a bit more selective. Lord, please heal me of my tendency to be a sweet-a-holic.

TRUTH: Paying attention to my food instead of also reading or watching something or surfing with my iPad when I am eating is valuable for helping me “record” the experience as an eating experience.

TRUTH: Eating slowly, savoring each bite can help me grow in gratitude toward the Lord for the amazing flavors and textures that he has invented as well as help me to eat less. I will also eat less too.

TRUTH: Stopping before I am full is a happy place to stop. I end up eating with joy and stopping with joy and continuing on with my day/evening with joy. It is worth it.

TRUTH: Adhering to these truths/boundaries is something I want to do and is extremely rewarding. What I suffer when I violate my boundaries is NOT worth the short-term “joy” I have when I violate them. The short-term sacrifices that I make to adhere to my boundaries are sooooo worth the pay-off!

So…which of these can YOU identify with? 🙂