I want to celebrate here that exercise and strength training (even!) have been kept in an appropriate place in my life…in balance…since we became members at Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club in early February.
Before then, I knew that I needed to learn how NOT to fear exercise and strength training. My history is one of excessive exercise and obsession, but it has been a LONG time since I struggled with that–I have been afraid to try again with any diligence. So since becoming members of ARFC, I have toyed with strength training again. This time, though, I don’t keep a log. I don’t keep track of weights, sets, repetitions. In the old days, I did with hyper-vigilance. Now, I just want to have fun. I do what I feel like doing and I know I am getting stronger, but I don’t have a clue from time to time how much stronger. I like it that way.

I haven’t gotten the need to do cardio completely figured out yet. I play racquetball with the kids and sometimes with someone else who may come along. Sometimes that works for getting my heart rate up. It always works for fun! Which is really my main goal! 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the juniors in their racquetball agility class. They have a GREAT racquetball pro at ARFC. Richard is a gift from God that has fallen from heaven for our family! I am not kidding! Without going into all the details (like his 20-20 program that has gotten Daniel having fun AND getting stronger and fitter), let me just say that he has taken an interest in our family and been incredibly supportive of our desire to have fun and to get healthier, too.

So, that day a couple of weeks ago, for 20 minutes or so, I got one of the most fun and intensive workouts. It was a series of speed and footwork drills moving in and out amongst rope ladders stretched out on the floor. Granted, I was like an elephant compared to the two 17 year old boys and the coach (who is the most amazing 62 year old I have ever met…doesn’t look a day over 40 except for salt and pepper hair!). I was in slow motion to their quickie little steps, but it was fun and silly all at once.

Anyhow, my desire is to move my body in an utterly delightful, enjoyable, worshipful way multiple times each week and to experience a “practical fitness” that I notice when I feed or ride the horses or do other chores around the place. I also hope to bike and hike with friends and family without being miserable. One thing about working at website design (something I am phasing out) and writing (something I am “phasing in”)…you sit on your rear a LOT!

Anyhow, this is the first time I have a sense that balance is happening. I am amazed and delighted.

How about for you? Do you have ways of moving your body that are, for you, an expression of worship? Does movement give you joy? Do you, like the guy in “Chariots of Fire,” sense God’s pleasure when you run, or kick box, or spin, or…??? Tell us about it!