I have taken my merry time, working my way through the HEAL book by Allie Smith and Judy Halliday. Even so, it feels like it has gone by much too fast! Nevertheless, this blog entry brings the study of this book to a close.

Like our previous Living Room Sessions, I hope you will snuggle up in your favorite chair with your favorite beverage–even better if you are at a 0! 🙂 I must admit that I am learning to drink my favorite cappucino drink (white chocolate caramel) at a 0, instead of “whenever I want.” God is showing me a lot through this exercise! (Like that once I am hungry, I really would prefer to EAT my meal, instead of to drink it! LOL!)

Anyhow, please get your bible and/or your journal and an open heart.

For the past 2 days, we have been snowed in here in Cool, California. This is quite unusual for us. I have had much too much time on my hands. This means plenty of time to get into trouble, or time to focus on the Lord. I have a choice in EACH moment. I can be a victim of the moment…allow my runaway thoughts to take ME captive, or I can grab each moment and take captive my potentially runaway thoughts. Thoughts of “poor me” or “I deserve _____ because of _______.”

I was created for more than pity parties!

How about you? Can you relate?

As we close this leg of our journey, let me encourage you to open your bible to Psalm 139 one more time. I would encourage you to use this time to focus on these verses and to pray them (again) to the Lord. You can do this by writing in your journal, if you like–it helps me to focus…or by singing the words–that always helps me to experience worship even more fully! Whatever is an authentic expression of your heart.

Then, prayerfully ask the Lord to show you the answer to this question:

NOW what?

I want to make a suggestion. Right now, at the Thin Within forums, signups are being taken for two new classes to begin right after the New Year! The information is here and you will need to sign up for a user account in order to ask Debbie questions about the classes. Even if you don’t want to be in online classes, you can join in on the discussions at the forums and get and give support on this journey!

Please press on!

Lord, thank you for the time we have had studying this book, HEAL. I pray that you might help us to continue in our commitments to grow and to change, to allow you to work in and through us to reach the godly goals that *you* have led us to establish. Help us to turn to you in our doubt and struggle instead of our perfectionistic tendencies. Free us from our incessant need to “get it all together,” and help us to, instead, offer ourselves–AS IS–to you each and every moment. In the Name of Jesus we ask, Amen.