Hi! Does anyone visit this blog? LOL! No matter. It is therapeutic for me to write. Life has been just so busy. Now that Harley, my horse, is home from training, I have orders from hubby to ride him every day! 🙂 Sort of “orders” anyhow. Then the kids have been busy with summer activities.

In just two days I leave town for a week! I am heading off to the Thin Within conference in Kentucky after meeting up with my dear friend, Jan, in Tulsa Oklahoma! I can’t wait to see her and then the folks at the conference.

I wanted to share with everyone who has wondered…YES, I am still hanging in there with Thin Within and applying the principles in my life. Releasing more weight has slowed down…we have been toying with releasing a couple more now, but with all the sweating I am doing working outside and riding Harley it *could* be water weight.

No matter. I feel good.

The bronchitis is about gone, fortunately. Just a little cough here and there.

The ulcer, treated with some NASTY meds, is managed now. I have two more weeks of one of the meds I am on, but one of the two antibiotics they had me on made a nasty taste in my mouth. I was eating mints ALL THE TIME! It was awful! God graciously allowed me NOT to gain any weight even though I was sucking NON-stop on Wintergreen Lifesavers. Anything else was wreaking havoc with my stomach and causing pain…go figure! I mean 24/7 for two weeks of being on Biaxin, I was sucking on those! Even in the dead of night! Can you believe it? I bet my teeth are rotting out of my head! LOL!

Anyhow, this ulcer stuff sure challenged the old “gotta eat 0 to 5 or else” mentality. I learned that God can perform HIS will in my life even when I have no guidelines to fall back on!

Right now, I am trying to prepare for sharing my testimony at the Thin Within conference. I am just not sure what to share…so prayers are most appreciated. I want it to be whatever God wants it to be…and I want HIS Word to be what predominates…not my story…My story is really quite empty. But HIS is wonderful, deep, sustaining, lasting, fulfilling.

I need my bed. I hope to post while I am at the conference. That would be fun!

I don’t have a CLUE what to wear! I am a jeans, t-shirt and baseball cap type of gal, but I suppose that wouldn’t be a good idea! LOL!